Professional Development Activities & Resources Database

The Staff Resource Center offers professional development through a variety of resources.  For your convenience, this database provides a compilation of these resources in multiple types.

To access forms and documents not related to Professional Development please visit the SCC Forms & Documents Database.


  • Items starting with Q

    • Questionable Quotations
      Articles and Publications
      Disclaimer: The following material may be unsettling to punctuation prescriptivists. Everyone knows that there’s only one use for single quotation marks, and that’s to denote a quote within a quote. Right?
    • Questioning Value of 'Janterm'
      Articles and Publications
      “Janterm" has long been a signature offering of liberal arts colleges. Wedged between the end of the holiday break and the start of the spring semester, these January terms, or inter-terms as they are called on some campuses, offer time for students to immerse themselves in travel abroad or a single, intensive course they never would take otherwise.
    • Questions on Money, Influence and Competence
      Articles and Publications
      Allegations of mismanaged drug tests and students' questions about the role of money and power lead to scrutiny of a sexual assault investigation at Brown U.