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The Staff Resource Center offers professional development through a variety of resources.  For your convenience, this database provides a compilation of these resources in multiple types.

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    • Rate My Word Choice
      Articles and Publications
      Many professors cringe when they think about the way they are described on Rate My Professors, the popular site used by students to evaluate faculty members. A new tool allows those being rated (or anyone) to see the way students tend to use different words when rating male and female professors -- generally to the disadvantage of the latter.
    • Reading Apprenticeship Workshop: Making the Invisible Visible
      Flex/PD - Fall
      October 30, 2014. 12:00pm - 12:50pm. Classroom Routines in Support of Better Reading.
    • Real-World Problem-Solving in Your World - Fall 2015 Flex
      Flex/PD - Fall
      August 20, 2015. Presented by Karen Tercho, Bryan Krofchok, and Mark Dennis. Engage your students while guiding them into the driver's seat of higher-order thinking. Join faculty from diverse academic departments (Computer Information Science, Psychology, and the Library) as they share easy-to-implement tools and techniques for leading students through the problem-solving process.
    • Reality Check: Helping to Manage Student Expectations
      Articles and Publications
      Unrealistic expectations present teachers with a conundrum. We want students to believe in themselves. We want them committed to doing well. But we need them to be realistic about what success demands.
    • Regular and Substantive Contact in D2L
      Flex/PD - Spring
      All SCC courses taught partially or fully via distance education must include regular and substantive contact. Come learn how to ensure your D2L courses meet this requirement.
    • Reporting, Reacting, and Reflecting: Guidelines for Journal Writing
      Articles and Publications
      When I first read the journal entries, I discovered that only about one-third of the students reflected in the deep and critical ways I hoped that they would. I decided I would try to help by differentiating between three forms of journaling, what I call reporting, reacting, and reflecting. Specifically, here's the explanation of each that I shared with our students.
    • Responding to Free
      Articles and Publications
      Community colleges across Tennessee are starting their academic year with many students who may have never thought they would attend an institution of higher learning, but who are taking advantage of the Tennessee Promise program, which offers them a free two-year college education.
    • Reviewing ESL Writing Content and EPT Grading Rubric - Fall 2015 Flex
      Flex/PD - Fall
      August 20, 2015. Presented by Brett Thomas. This workshop will allow ESL faculty to review the curriculum content of six levels of writing courses and to match that content to the Essay Placement Test grading rubric, as well as adapt the rubric better to the current course content. This process is required for revalidation of the essay test.
    • Room to Experiment
      Articles and Publications
      Can active learning techniques and flexible classroom seating improve student outcomes? Research at Ball State University has produced mixed results.