Professional Development Activities & Resources Database

The Staff Resource Center offers professional development through a variety of resources.  For your convenience, this database provides a compilation of these resources in multiple types.

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  • Items starting with Y

    • You're the SLO Reporter--What Do You Do? - Fall 2014 Flex
      Flex/PD - Fall
      August 21, 2014. Presented by SLOAC Committee Members. Featuring the latest updates on reporting course & student services unit student learning outcomes (SLOs). For faculty & student services staff who have volunteered to serve as SLO reporters for an instructional dept or student services unit.
    • Young Families and Student Debt
      Articles and Publications
      Federal report shows families' student loan burden grows while other forms of debt decline, but suggests a slight slowing of the rate of increase in families' college-related debt.
    • Your Online Course Usability - 10 Ways to Kick it Up a Notch (Webinar)
      Flex/PD - Online
      Participate in this fun and upbeat webinar hosted by Rechelle and Katie for an idea sharing session on how to implement Universal Design for Learning principles in your online course.
    • You’re Asking the Wrong Question
      Articles and Publications
      You’re asking the wrong question. No, seriously, you’re probably asking the wrong question. Yeah, that’s a pretty bold statement. But I’ve read tens of thousands of questions meant to prompt discussions in online course rooms, and the odds are I am right.