Sustainability Planning Committee

Sustainability may be defined as those thoughts and practices that support ecological, social, and economic systems to remain diverse and productive and to endure over time. SCC possesses ecological, social, and economic systems of its own that are nested in larger ecological, social and economic systems. Individuals can impact all those contexts, whether in the classroom and division offices, in the City Café, in the Senates and Standing Committees, at the College and District levels, out to the Greater Sacramento community and, ultimately, to the global level and perhaps beyond. Sustainability defined as such requires an examination of ecology, economy, and organizational culture across academic disciplines and organizational units.

Sustainability Planning Committee Officers

Primary Charge

This committee meets twice a month on Fridays to act as a communication hub for committees integrating good sustainability practices into their committee work.

We welcome the campus community (faculty, staff, students, administrators) to join our planning committee as a liaison to a standing committee.  For additional information on how to get involved, please contact David Hagerty at