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Click on the postcard below to register online for the Freshmen Welcome event.  There’s a FREE BARBEQUE after the event!

All new students are invited to attend!

For workshop information, scroll to the bottom of the postcard.

Freshmen Welcome postcard

Postcard text:

Freshman Welcome is a great opportunity to meet your peers and to connect with the campus community. Join us for exciting workshops to help you prepare for your first semester at Sacramento City College. There’s also a free barbeque!

Select one day to attend: Wednesday, August 9th 2017 or Thursday, August 10th 2017. 8:30am to 12:30pm, check-in begins at 8:30am in front of the Student Center at Sacramento City College. Register online.


Fast and Furious workshop description
Workshop text:
The Fast and the Furious: Sac City Drift

College is NOT a race…it’s not about being the fastest to earn your degree or to transfer to a university. It would be easy if college was a smooth road, but there are times when you’ll need to stop to refuel, to ask for directions, or to switch gears. And though it may seem like the roads can get slippery, there’s always another way!

Attend this workshop to learn about the many educational paths available at Sacramento City College. Whether you plan to earn a certificate, an AA/AS degree, or transfer to a university, it’s important to have an updated manual (iSEP) to reach the finish line successfully.

Guardians and of the Internet Galaxy workshop description
Workshop text:
Guardians of the (internet) Galaxy

Sacramento City College offers a variety of courses that are in-person and through distance education. Though you may be a wiz at social media and a master at texting, completing an online or hybrid course successfully requires other technological skills!

Distance Education students must be proactive, focused, and, of course, have access to a computer and internet. It’s also important to have good time management skills.
Attend this workshop to learn strategies on how to succeed in distance education.

Panthers of the Caribbean workshop description
Workshop text:
Panthers of the Caribbean

Starting college is a rip-roaring adventure…not necessarily on the high seas, but from one classroom to another. In the movie, pirates had to navigate away from ghost sailors, but, in college, those ghost sailors are disguised in the form of cell phones, Netflix, and Snapchat. (Sound familiar?)

Attend this workshop for tips on how to improve your study skills. You will learn about the importance of creating a study schedule, changing study behaviors, and building confidence with your study beliefs.

Power Rangers, Power Panthers workshop description
Workshop text:
Power Rangers, Power Panthers

The Power Rangers are five teens chosen by “destiny” to save our planet. As a first-year student, college didn’t come to you by “destiny”…you CHOSE to be here and that is a huge accomplishment in itself. Although Power Rangers may have superhero abilities, they still have real-life issues to overcome as teens. You may experience the same things, but SCC has programs to help you along the way.
Attend this workshop to learn about support services and programs that are available on campus. These services are free for students — including career exploration, tutoring, and counseling. (And this is a great way to meet SCC staff who will become part of your Power Rangers team!)

Transformers From High School to College workshop description
Workshop text:
Transformers: From High School to College

Yes — college will transform you! You will meet students and professors from different backgrounds and with different life experiences. From the first day of the semester, you will learn that college is not like high school at all. You will have the freedom to make your own decisions…but then you will be expected to take responsibility for them. (You’re an adult now!)

Attend this workshop to learn strategies on how to successfully transform yourself from a recent high school graduate to a first-year college student.

If you haven’t enrolled into classes yet, it is NOT TOO LATE!  There are still plenty of classes open in all disciplines – including math and English – as long as you are flexible with your schedule.  But what should you do if the course that you want is full?

Do this…Get your name on the wait list!

Putting your name on the waitlist doesn’t mean that you are officially enrolled, but it does mean that if other students drop the course, then – depending on where you are on the list – there is a possibility that you may be added into the class.

Here is how it works…

If a class is already full, then students can place their names on the wait list if the limit hasn’t been reached.  Some waitlists allow up to 10 students to add their names and other wait lists allow up to 20 students to add their names.  (NOTE:  If a wait list is full today, that doesn’t mean that a spot won’t open up tomorrow.)  It may seem like a hassle, but it is important to log onto eServices EVERYDAY.  (If you can log onto Facebook a dozen times a day, you can certainly log onto eServices!)  You never know what can happen…in the last hour, someone may have dropped from a wait list leaving that one last spot open just for you!

Getting your name on a wait list doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the class, but, unfortunately, some students will be dropped for non-payment of fees, not meeting prerequisites, or because they simply changed their schedules.  If you are #2 on the waitlist, you have a good chance of getting added into the class.  If you are #20, don’t lose hope…you still need to show up on the first day.  What if the first 10 students on the wait list don’t show up and permission numbers are being given out?  If you do not show up and your name is called from the wait list, the professor will continue onto the next student.

Wherever you are on the wait list, it is IMPORTANT that you continue to monitor your status!  If you are #3 on the wait list and three students suddenly drop, then you are in.  Once you are in, you NEED TO PAY TO STAY!  Unfortunately, no one is going to send you a text message that you have to pay…you just need to remember!

But, whether you are #1 or #20, you should still plan to attend class on the first day!  By the end of the first week, you should have a better idea whether or not you will be added into the class.   

Here are some tips to consider:

1.  Enroll today…like right now!  Even if you missed your enrollment date and time, it is NOT TOO LATE to enroll in classes for Spring.  But, don’t wait any longer…waiting another week – or even another day – can make a big difference with your schedule.  For example, the College Writing course that had 10 seats open this morning can easily fill up by the afternoon.

2.  When you log onto eServices, is the word “HOLD” written boldly inside of a red hexagon?  If so, that means exactly what it says…you have a “hold” that must be cleared before you can enroll into classes.  Most likely, you forgot to complete the “Supplemental Enrollment Form” which must be updated every semester.  If you have already submitted that form and you still see that darn hexagon, then you have another “hold” that must be cleared.  It could be a library fine, a financial aid hold, a dismissal, or an overdue payment.  If you need assistance, please go to the Admissions and Records Office located in Rodda North or to the eServices Lab in Business Building 153.

3.  Be flexible with your schedule.  Consider taking classes in the morning, afternoon, evening, or even the weekends.  But, only enroll into classes that you know you can attend for the next 16 weeks!  For example, if you decide to take a class at 7:00 in the morning, you must be able to make it to class on time…and then stay awake!  And, as you consider all options for creating your schedule, be aware of how often a class will meet and in the format that it will be taught.  Some classes are “hybrid” classes where there is both in-class and online learning.  In this case, you will be required to use the internet to submit some assignments.

4.  SCC’s main campus is beautiful…but don’t forget about the Davis Center and West Sacramento Center!  Both centers offer a wide range of general education courses including Math and English.  If you plan to attend both the main campus and one of the outreach centers, make sure that you give yourself plenty of travel time to get from one location to another.  As you are browsing through the class schedule, you will see the words “SCC Main,” “Davis Center,” or “West Sac” to indicate the location of the class.  Don’t get lost on the first day of the semester because you can’t find the “Davis Center” on the main campus…you will have to actually drive to the city of Davis to find it.

Want more tips…

read the entire article

Important details about your class schedule:

screenshot of a class scheduleCourse:  The name of the course will be listed on the very top of the box.  The sample schedule above shows the class as “CISA 340 – Presentation Graphics.”

Status: Either you are ENROLLED in a class or WAITING.  Being “enrolled” means that you are officially on the class roster and “waiting” means that you are on the wait list.  Either way, you still need to SHOW UP on the first day.

Waitlist Position: If you are on the wait list, check your number…you may have moved up since you first got on the wait list!  If you are #13 (as seen above), there is still a chance that you may be given a permission number by the instructor and allowed to add the class.  Also, you may be #13 today, but, by next week, things can be different!

Units: This number could vary depending on the class that you are enrolled in.  For example, a science class with a lecture and lab could be 5 units while a fitness course could be 1 unit.  This class is 2 units.

Class number: You will need this class number when searching for your textbook on the College Store website.  For example, CISA 340 is offered in different sections and taught by different instructors.  This 5-digit number will tell you specifically which textbook(s) are needed for this particular course.

Days & Times: Most classes meet twice a week, but there are courses that meet three times a week or meet every day.  This will tell you the days of the week that you will be meeting…and, yes, some students will be taking classes on the weekends.  This will also tell you the start and end times of the class.  Make sure that you know whether your class is in the “AM” (morning!) or the PM (afternoon or evening!).  If you are taking an online course, make sure that you attend the mandatory orientation.  You can find more information about the orientation on your instructor’s website or in the class schedule online.

Room: Make sure you know WHERE your class is located, especially if it’s at the main campus or not!  We offer many great classes at the outreach centers which are located in Davis and West Sacramento.  If your schedule shows “Davis Cntr” or “West Sac,” then your class is NOT at the “Main” campus.  Before the semester begins, take a look at the campus map (or visit the campus in person) to find out where your classes are located.

NOTE: This course is an online course and does not have a room number assigned.  However, students enrolled in this course must attend a mandatory orientation or be dropped from the course.  Information on the mandatory orientation can be found in the class schedule (look for a link).

Instructor: All of your classes will be taught by an instructor!  Yes, even if the class is online, there is still an instructor who will teach and guide you throughout the semester.  Sometimes, you will find “TBA” (To Be Announced) listed on your schedule, but, don’t worry, there will be an instructor assigned to your class by the first day of the semester.

Start/End Date: A semester at SCC is 16 weeks long.  There are some classes (such as Computer Information Science) that are offered as “short-term” classes and lasts for only 8 weeks.  If you have a short-term class, make sure you know if it is during the “1st 8 weeks” or the “2nd 8 weeks.”  This class is 8 weeks long and is from January 14th to March 13th.


  • New policy for English prerequisites:  You will not be allowed to enroll into any English course until your prerequisite is verified.  If you completed an assessment test in Los Rios, your prerequisite will be cleared to enroll into the course that you placed into.  If you completed the prerequisite for an English course at another college outside of Los Rios, you will need to submit the Prerequisite Equivalency Form to the Admissions Office along with an official transcript from the outside college.  (This policy also applies to Math and Statistics.)
  • Yes, the semester begins on a SATURDAY, but you only have to show up if you have a Saturday class.  If not, then show up on Monday or Tuesday when your first class begins.
  • If you DO NOT see your class schedule when you log into your eServices account, check if you have been dropped.  You may have been dropped from all classes if you did not pay your enrollment fees within the 14-day period.

did you receive a notice that you're ineligible for financial aidIf you are receiving Financial Aid, it is important to enroll into courses that are required for your educational goal.  This means taking the right courses that fulfill prerequisites, general education, and major requirements.

Courses that do not apply towards your goal will be ineligible for Financial Aid.  You can still take the course, but it will not be payable.  As you enroll into courses, make sure to check eServices for any notices from Financial Aid.

If you receive a notice that a course is ineligible for Financial Aid, use the “decision tree” to find out your next step.