Class Syllabus

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Fall 2015

Course CodeCourse NameDaysTime StartTime EndInstructorSyllabus
17605ACCT 101M5:30 PM8:45 PMNguyen, Thanh H.View
17712ACCT 101MW1:00 PM2:20 PMStein, Shanna R.View
16241ACCT 103TR7:30 AM9:35 AMRishard, Truman A.View
16621ACCT 104TR9:45 AM11:50 AMRishard, Truman A.View
17189ACCT 111M1:00 PM2:20 PMWilliams, Gayle KristineView
17491ACCT 301MW5:30 PM7:35 PMNacey, Donna J.View
17696ACCT 311TR5:30 PM7:35 PMStein, Shanna R.View
17398ACCT 341OnlineDiamond, AnneView
17572ADMJ 300MW11:00 AM12:20 PMKalar, Barry D.View
19526ADMJ 300TR5:30 PM6:50 PMKarver, JohnView
19529ADMJ 301TR4:00 PM5:20 PMPonce, Carlos FView
17575ADMJ 320MW1:00 PM2:20 PMKalar, Barry D.View
18141ADMJ 330MW7:00 PM8:20 PMPonce, Carlos FView
17587ADMJ 330TR10:30 AM11:50 AMTrujillo, David C.View
17616ADMJ 340TR7:00 PM8:20 PMKarver, John C.View
17573ADMJ* 303TR9:00 AM10:20 AMTrujillo, David C.View
17824AH 110MW4:00 PM5:20 PMBeadles, Lynette R.View
16763AH 110W5:30 PM8:45 PMSteele, Marlene M.View
17588ANTH 300TR1:00 PM2:20 PMStorms, NataschaView
17589ANTH 301TR2:30 PM3:50 PMStorms, NataschaView
16147ANTH 310OnlineJohnson, IlanaView
17566ART 300MW4:00 PM6:20 PMCho, Eun L.View
17973ART 320MW10:00 AM12:20 PMSchumacher, Robert J.View
18934ART 336F9:00 AM11:05 AMLobenberg, David K.View
18203ARTH 300TR1:00 PM2:20 PMMilton, PiperView
17751ASTR 310TR5:30 PM6:50 PMNgassam, ValeryView
18294BIOL 100MW5:30 PM6:50 PMKjos, Troy A.View
17724BIOL 100TR4:00 PM5:20 PMGreenwell, Andrea L.View
17370BIOL 100MW8:00 AM9:20 AMWright, MichaelView
17509BIOL 342MW4:00 PM5:20 PMHolland, Gina D.View
17849BIOL 350TR4:00 PM5:20 PMCarney, DianeView
16887BIOL 364F9:30 AM10:50 AMWyatt, David T.View
16886BIOL 364F8:00 AM9:20 AMWyatt, David T.View
18062BUS 300M6:00 PM9:05 PMMom, Brian W.View
17482BUS 340MW5:30 PM6:50 PMSmith, Wade R.View
17967BUS* 320OnlineHandy, Kimberly A.View
18410CHEM 400F8:00 AM9:05 AMGreen, Dominik J.View
18407CHEM 400F9:15 AM1:35 PMGreen, Dominik J.View
18408CHEM 400W5:50 PM10:10 PMMukherjee, SharmilaView
18409CHEM 400M4:00 PM5:05 PMGreen, Dominik J.View
18411CHEM 400W4:00 PM5:05 PMGreen, Dominik J.View
18406CHEM 400MW2:30 PM3:50 PMGreen, Dominik J.View
17656CISA 305TR5:30 PM7:00 PMGrueneberger, Arthur R.View
19726CISA 310TR5:30 PM7:50 PMBican, William L.View
19138CISC 300MW5:30 PM7:50 PMBryant, Paul R.View
19785CISC 360F9:00 AM1:20 PMBair, Lewis EView
18595CISP 301MW1:00 PM3:50 PMKrofchok, BryanView
17358COMM 301MW4:00 PM5:20 PMJohnson, Samuel D.View
18936COMM 311TR4:00 PM5:20 PMCochran, MilesView
17640COMM 331MW7:00 PM8:20 PMJohnson, Samuel D.View
19371ECE 362W6:00 PM9:15 PMSalluzzo, Michelle AnneView
18522ECE* 314M6:00 PM9:15 PMOtto, Anna M.View
18350ECON 302TR9:00 AM10:20 AMConstantine, John HView
18351ECON 304MW10:30 AM11:50 AMBorenstein, Jennifer G.View
17650ENGLB  55TR10:30 AM11:50 AMCastaneda, Denise S.View
18416ENGLB  55MW8:00 AM9:20 AMFelker, Jeffery J.View
17651ENGLB  55MW2:30 PM3:50 PMFelker, Jeffery J.View
17904ENGRD  10MW4:00 PM5:20 PMFelker, Jeffery J.View
17646ENGRD  11MW11:00 AM12:20 PMGomez, Tracey L.View
17645ENGRD  11TR1:00 PM2:20 PMMyers, Linda B.View
17395ENGRD 110TR7:30 AM8:50 AMFelker, Jeffery J.View
18104ENGRD 110MW9:30 AM10:50 AMKrum, HelenView
17564ENGRD 110TR1:00 PM2:20 PMAldrich, CathleenView
17565ENGRD 310MW2:30 PM3:50 PMGomez, Tracey L.View
17906ENGRD 310TR9:00 AM10:20 AMCastaneda, Denise S.View
17116ENGRD 310MW1:00 PM2:20 PMGomez, Tracey L.View
18619ENGWR  51TR8:00 AM10:05 AMLewis, AnnView
17917ENGWR  51MW8:00 AM10:05 AMBeuttel, MichelleView
17933ENGWR  51MW10:15 AM12:20 PMColumbo, JulieView
17959ENGWR 101TR5:30 PM7:35 PMSalazar, Rosalinda R.View
17949ENGWR 101MW1:00 PM3:05 PMMarshall, Jacquelline A.View
17948ENGWR 101TR3:15 PM5:20 PMWatson-Perez, Heather L.View
17936ENGWR 101MW2:30 PM4:35 PMKiehn, KennethView
17251ENGWR 300TR5:30 PM8:50 PMGmelin, Robert P.View
17802ENGWR 300MW1:00 PM2:20 PMKiehn, KennethView
17250ENGWR 300MW5:30 PM6:50 PMMarshall, Jacquelline A.View
17962ENGWR 300TR10:30 AM11:50 AMO’Neill, Zachary M.View
17828ENGWR 300TR2:30 PM3:50 PMSalazar, Rosalinda R.View
17252ENGWR 302TR5:30 PM8:40 PMGmelin, Robert P.View
17254ESLG  50TR1:00 PM3:05 PMMaffly, Nancy E.View
16750ESLL  30MW1:00 PM3:05 PMHarroun, Richard J.View
16868ESLL  40TR10:45 AM12:50 PMWong, CissyView
16866ESLL  90T8:30 AM10:35 AMWong, CissyView
17124ESLR  30MW8:30 AM10:35 AMWong, CissyView
16869ESLR  40MW8:30 AM10:35 AMHawes, Victoria A.View
17396ESLR  50MW8:30 AM10:35 AMNuttall, Gabriella G.View
16867ESLR  90M10:45 AM12:50 PMNuttall, Gabriella G.View
18206ESLR  91W10:45 AM12:50 PMNuttall, Gabriella G.View
20545ESLR 90T1:00 PM3:05 PMSteffani, NancyView
16751ESLW  30MW10:45 AM12:50 PMHarroun, Richard J.View
16639ESLW  30TR10:45 AM12:50 PMStefani, NancyView
16870ESLW  40MW10:45 AM12:50 PMHawes, Victoria A.View
17275ESLW  50MW1:00 PM3:05 PMWhetstone, SandyView
18061FCS* 304OnlineHandy, Kimberly A.View
17442FCS* 324F9:00 AM12:15 PMGarner, Lyndale T.View
16752FCS* 324TR10:30 AM11:50 AMGarner, Lyndale T.View
18135GEOG 300MW7:00 PM8:20 PMJones, Erica LeighView
18249HCD 110TR1:00 PM2:20 PMSwafford, Derek L.View
19469HCD 110TR4:00 PM7:05 PMTBA,View
17649HCD 116M12:30 PM2:35 PMMcDaniel, Arrickia R.View
17249HCD 310TR2:30 PM3:50 PMSwafford, Derek L.View
17582HCD 310F9:00 AM12:15 PMRuiz, AracelyView
17375HIST 310TR5:30 PM6:50 PMWiseman, Maury I.View
17092HIST 311MW11:00 AM12:20 PMOrr, Timothy A.View
17895KINES 382OnlineCarmazzi, Paul L.View
18571MATH  28TR1:00 PM2:20 PMPrilepina, Tamara F.
R2:30 PM3:20 PMPrilepina, Tamara F.View
17695MATH  28MW9:30 AM10:50 AMHaroyan, Satenik
F9:30 AM10:35 AMHaroyan, SatenikView
20335MATH  28TR1:00 PM2:20 PMDibble, Cindy C.
R2:30 PM3:20 PMDibble, Cindy C.View
20503MATH 28MW8:00 AM9:20 AMBardin, Oliver
W9:30 AM10:35 AMBardin, OliverView
17570MATH  34MW1:00 PM3:05 PMMargolies, Jason S.View
18110MATH  34MWF8:00 AM9:10 AMHaroyan, SatenikView
16310MATH 100MW10:30 AM1:05 PMSegal, Jonathan E.View
17823MATH 100MW2:30 PM5:05 PMSchutte, Matthew L.View
17804MATH 120TR5:30 PM7:50 PMGee, Jenny A.View
18594MATH 120TR8:00 AM10:20 AMHunter, Mark A.View
17131MATH 120MW8:00 AM10:35 AMRodriguez, HectorView
18109MATH 123MW11:00 AM12:20 PMBardin, OliverView
17571MATH 124TR9:00 AM10:20 AMGander, Therese A.View
18593MATH 410MW3:00 PM4:20 PMWoodmansee, Rick D.View
18282NUTRI 300MW5:30 PM6:50 PMCooper, Kevin D.View
17595NUTRI 300TR2:30 PM3:50 PMPolagruto, John A.View
18948NUTRI 300TR9:00 AM10:20 AMSamarron, Sandra L.View
17449NUTRI 300TR4:00 PM5:20 PMSamarron, Sandra L.View
18218POLS 301F9:00 AM12:15 PMGaffaney, Timothy J.View
18219PSYC 300TR7:00 PM8:20 PMZeimet, Lois MView
17504PSYC 340F9:00 AM12:15 PMAustin, Grace W.View
17441PSYC 356F9:00 AM12:15 PMEckley, Terri L.View
17443PSYC* 370F9:00 AM12:15 PMGarner, Lyndale T.View
16753PSYC* 370TR10:30 AM11:50 AMGarner, Lyndale T.View
17574PSYC* 405TR9:00 AM10:20 AMTrujillo, David C.View
18573RUSS 401MW3:15 PM5:20 PMAvramenko, Liliana P.View
20294RUSS 401TR6:30 PM8:35 PMTesteza, TessView
20064RUSS 402TR4:00 PM6:05 PMAvramenko, Liliana P.View
17767SILA 305TR6:00 PM8:05 PMGerlis, RachelView
17479SOC 300F9:00 AM12:15 PMFarrelly, Joseph T.View
17859SOC 301MW9:30 AM10:50 AMLogan, Jason K.View
18523SOC* 312M6:00 PM9:15 PMOtto, Anna M.View
18954SOCSC 332TR4:00 PM5:20 PMMarquez, Lorena V.View
16514SPAN 401MW5:30 PM7:35 PMSanchez, Lilia G.View
18590SPAN 401TR3:15 PM5:20 PMMartinez, MaricelaView
16519SPAN 402MW5:30 PM7:35 PMGarcia, MariaView
16521SPAN 411TR6:00 PM8:05 PMDiaz-Gastelum, GloriaView
17093STAT 300MW8:00 AM10:05 AMSellers, Gene R.View
19364TAFILM 307F1:00 PM4:15 PMWoolley, NicoleView