Open Computer Lab

The open computer lab is located in room WSC 317 on the third floor of the building. Current students are welcome to use the lab during the open lab hours.


Monday: 8:00am 7:45pm
Tuesday:8:00am 7:45pm
Wednesday: 8:00am7:45pm
Friday: 8:00am12:30pm




Welcome to the Sacramento City College West Sacramento Center Computer Lab. The lab contains 12 computers, 1 ADA Workstation and one LaserJet printer (GoPrint). The lab provides electronic resources to support your educational success. Help us keep the lab clean, comfortable and efficient for everyone.



Please DO:

  • Turn off (or set to vibrate) cell phones, pagers
  • Sign in (& out when leaving) using Track-It computer
  • Speak softly, respect the study environment
  • Treat lab equipment and resources with care
  • Clean up workstation area before leaving (trash, paper)
  • Respect the rights of others – property and personal space
  • Adhere to proper student Code of Conduct
  • Keep aisles, walkways, access to workstations clear
  • Keep passwords, ID, personal information confidential
  • Report computer problems to lab personnel
  • Close programs, return to desktop, close CD drive


Please DO NOT:

  • Bring food or drink into the lab (bottled water ok)
  • Turn off or reboot computers
  • Copy, modify or install programs or change configuration, desktop, settings or equipment
  • Leave personal items unattended
  • Transmit obscene, indecent, or sexually explicit material

Note: Access to the campus WiFi network (LRCCD) with StudentID and password authentication is available in the building.


Lab Hours

This lab is for student use. The lab will be closed on all school holidays as published by SCC. Please check the posted schedules for “open lab” times.  Notebook computers are also available for use for up to 4 hours within the building; contact the front desk on the first floor for check-out.


Lab Printing

All printing in the lab will cost $.10 per page. In order to print, each student must have sufficient funds loaded onto his/her Student ID Card or generic GoPrint Card. When jobs are printed, they are placed in a queue until released and paid for at the Release Station. GoPrint Cards can be activated and funds added at the Cash/Card Dispenser located near the front desk on the first floor.  See specific GoPrint instructions for further details.


Personal Items, Files

If you need to retain certain files for homework in other classes, please save them on a personal USB flash drive. Any files/documents left on the desktop or in My Documents will be erased when the computer is re-booted. Flash drives are available for purchase in the bookstore. It is your responsibility to monitor your personal property. Any personal items left in the lab (flash drives, CD’s, books, etc.) will be placed in the Lost and Found, located near the front desk on the first floor.


Lab Purpose

The Open Computer Lab at the West Sacramento Center, SCC exists to support the academic goals, cultural pursuits and personal development of our students. It is our objective to maintain an atmosphere helpful to constructive learning, academic freedom and proper asset management.  Use of the computers is a privilege, not a right, and each user is responsible for utilizing the electronic resources in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. Unacceptable or disruptive behavior may result in loss of lab privileges or more.

If you have any questions about the Open Computer Lab, please come by the front desk on the first floor or call  (916) 375-5511 or contact the Instructional Assistant, Mr. Hunter (Room 211). 

 Have a great semester!