Writing Center Workshops

We hold workshops that focus on brainstorming, planning, drafting, and revising essays.

We also offer grammar, punctuation, editing, and timed writing workshops.

These workshops are designed to enhance students’ academic skills and confidence.

Each workshop lasts approximately one hour.

Online Workshops

Writing Center Workshop: Getting Started on a Writing Assignment

Writing Center Workshop: Thesis Statements

Writing Center Workshop: Essay Structure

Writing Center Workshop: Timed Writing

Writing Center Workshop: Writing a Research Paper

Writing Center Workshop: Subject-Verb Agreement

Writing Center Workshop: Comma Rules

Writing Center Workshop: Run-ons, Fragments, and Comma Splices

Writing Center Workshop: Reading for College

American Psychological Association Tutorial: The Basics of APA Style

Current Workshops

November 2014

Print a PDF copy of our November workshop flyer: Workshop Flyer November 2014


Comma Rules

Monday, November 3, 11am, LR 141

Organizing Your Paper

Wednesday, November 5, 3pm, LR 318

Getting Started

Monday, November 10, 4pm, LR 318

Introductions and Conclusions

Thursday, November 13, 4pm, LR 141

Summarizing, Quoting, & Paraphrasing

Tuesday, November 18, 11am, LR 318

MLA Citation Style

Thursday, November 20, 4pm, LR 141

Writing a Research Paper

Tuesday, November 25, 4pm, LR 141

Timed Writing

Tuesday, November 4, 2pm, LR 318

Integrating Sources

Thursday, November 6, 4pm, LR 141

Thesis Statements

Wednesday, November 12, 3pm, LR 318

Run-ons, Fragments, & Comma Splices

Monday, November 17, 2pm, LR 318

Timed Writing

Wednesday, November 19, 11am, LR 141

APA Citation Style

Monday, November 24, 4pm, LR 318

Grammar Practice (ENGWR51)

Wednesday, November 26, 11am, LR 141

Visit the Writing Center in LR 144 or call (916) 558-2126 for more information.