Enroll in Honors Courses this Fall

Sacramento City College’s Honors Program offers many benefits for students.

Honors courses are:

  • University transferable
  • Smaller than regular classes (usually limited to fifteen students)
  • Dependent upon student participation and research

Students who complete four Honors courses with a 3.0 GPA receive:

  • A certificate celebrating the accomplishment
  • A cash award
  • An “Honors Scholar” notation on their transcript

If you are eligible to enroll, check out the Fall semester’s Honors course offerings:

  • ANTH 480 Honors Physical Anthropology
  • ARTH 486 Medieval Art-Honors
  • ENGLT 480 World Literature: Antiquity to the Early Modern World – Honors
  • ENGWR 480 Honors College Composition
  • HIST 483 History of the United States – Honors
  • MUFHL 481 Survey of Music History and Literature – Honors
  • PHIL 480 History of Classical Philosophy – Honors
  • STAT 480 Introduction to Probability and Statistics – Honors

For more information, go to: www.scc.losrios.edu/honors