Scott Miller at flight simulator

SCC Professor Comments on Recent Airline Accidents

Sac City Professor of Aeronautics Scott Miller is a recognized aviation expert who has been called on by local, regional, and national media over the years to comment on air travel safety. Professor Miller has been busy over the last few days responding to the recent AirAsia flight 8501 that vanished in the South Pacific on Dec. 28 with more than 150 on board.

He has appeared on Channels 3, 10 and 13, both in-studio and from the SCC Aeronautics facility at McClellan Airpark.  He told viewers on Channel 13 that, despite the recent high-profile air accidents, travelers should not be concerned the next time they fly. The numbers prove how rare it is for airplanes to crash and how safety records are the best they have been in years.

“The reasons for these accidents are pretty wide-ranging,” Miller told Channel 13, the Sacramento CBS affiliate.

Professor Miller expects that weather played a major role in last week’s plane disappearance.  He has personally flown on AirAsia before, and said the carrier’s reputation is a good one.

Professor Scott Miller is one of many experts in their chosen fields who teach at SCC. Students in the aeronautics department are trained in airplane mechanics and air traffic control. Many students have found jobs within the industry .