5-Year Anniversary at West Sac Center

WEST SACRAMENTO – Sacramento City College, the Los Rios Community College District and the city of West Sacramento honored the five-year anniversary of the SCC West Sacramento Educational Center on Jan. 29 with a short celebration outside the three-story facility that houses nearly 2,500 students.

The event got off to a rousing start with a local group of dragon dancers and other displays of Eastern martial arts and dancing. This included a Tai Chi demonstration and some weapons displays. Then, West Sac Center Dean Art Pimentel opened the formal celebration by giving a short history of the center and those who shepherded SCC’s commitment to West Sacramento in the years leading up to the center’s construction.

Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery, president of Sacramento City College, remarked that the SCC West Sac Center is located in the new downtown of the city, near the library, civic center and City Hall. She also publicly thanked West Sacramento Center’s Supervisor Janet Lake, who has announced her retirement after 24 years with the college. Los Rios Chancellor Brian King said his dream is to see the next phase of the West Sac Center built to house even more students and classes.

Mayor Christopher Cabaldon related a story about how Sacramento City College and the Los Rios District have helped transform West Sacramento into a more thriving, educated community because of the partnership they have developed with the city. Mary Leland, a member of the West Sacramento Unified School District Board of Trustees and the Director of Advancement at SCC, also spoke about how education has improved in the city since the decision was made to build the West Sac Center.

Currently, 30% of the 2,500 students at the center are West Sacramento residents.