Summer Success Academy Begins Next Week

New students are encouraged to participate in SCC’s Summer Success Academy, which will be in motion between June 22nd and July 23rd (5 weeks).

The program will include a Math and English bootcamp, a leadership component, transfer informed trips to UOP, CSUS, and UC Berkeley, collaboration with Transfer Center to participate in mini-transfer fair, and a Sampler series – where faculty from multiple disciplines will come into each classroom to inform students about different majors and its relationship to careers.
In addition, the SCC Career Center will provide workshops on using campus resources to explore majors, careers, and job support. Lastly, student ambassadors will serve as mentors throughout the summer.

The Summer Success Academy is a joint effort between many departments, and involves the collaboration of EOPS, Transfer Center, Career Center, Admissions, Financial Aid, Assessment, Student Leadership Department, Cultural Awareness Center, Library, Math and English departments, Facilities, Health Center, Student Ambassadors, Counseling, Allied Health, High School Counselors, Transfer reps at UOP, UCB, and CSUS, and various faculty.

We hope to see you here on Monday the 22nd!