Darby Vickery

SCC Grad Honors Mom’s 100th Birthday – And She’s an SCC Grad Too!

Darby Vickery is spending his hours before Halloween creating a 50-foot banner in honor of his mother’s 100th birthday. Darby is a 1974 graduate of Sacramento City College, who is now retired and taking a Friday art class on the main campus.

His mother’s name is Barbara, and as a young woman in 1936, she too graduated from Sacramento Junior College (as it was named at the time). Her diploma has the unmistakable signature of President Jeremiah Lillard on it. Her maiden name was Clement.

According to Darby, his mother Barbara was found on the doorstep of the San Francisco Children’s Orphanage on October 31, 1915, and no one ever discovered who her birth parents were. She was quickly adopted by a Sacramento family and moved here. She graduated from Sacramento High School and then Sacramento Junior College. Her children all graduated from local colleges and universities and have had distinguished careers in various scientific fields.

Barbara’s family is preparing a big party for her 100th birthday on Halloween afternoon in Carmichael. Darby said she still is living independently.

Congratulations from Sacramento City College to Barbara on her 100th birthday, and likewise to her son’s gift.