Pokémon GO map at Sacramento City College

Pokémon GO Tips for Sac City

One of the most active spots for Pokémon GO hunting and training in Sacramento is the campus of Sacramento City College. With over 20 Pokéstops plus 2 Gyms on campus, you can really level up here! Lots of people have discovered this rich source of Pokémon GO fun and are milling around on these warm summer days.

A complete guide to our Pokéstops and Gyms is below. But first, have you heard about our outstanding degree and transfer programs related to this game play?

SCC Programs for Video Game Design Teams

The creation of Pokémon GO required a huge team of people with skills in the following fields:

Pokémon GO Gym and Pokéstop Guide to Sacramento City College

SCC Pokestop and gymGyms

Our gyms are regularly changing team color throughout each day, so you know there’s a lot of battle action at SCC.

The SCC Pokémon East Gym is located just north of the fountain at the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

The SCC Pokémon West Gym is located at the light rail station on the east side of campus.

There’s a third Gym across the street at the entry to William Land Park too!


Pokemon Go pokestops at Sacramento City College

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Pokéstops can be found at the following SCC landmarks. Let us know if we missed any!

Those marked with an hearts are frequently set with lures:

  • entry to Performing Arts Center Pokemon go lure
  • entry to Student Services
  • SCC map at H parking lot
  • SCC plaque at entry to main quad Pokemon go lure
  • Wall of Honor Insignes between Rodda North and Rodda South
  • entry to Learning Resource Center Pokemon go lure
  • breezeway of Lillard Hall Pokemon go lure
  • Mohr Hall
  • entry to Reprographics
  • SCC sign at southwest corner of campus
  • Jessica Smith plaque at southwest corner of campus
  • Hughes Stadium
  • Hughes Stadium plaque
  • Happy Family Statue at Hughes Stadium
  • Union Stadium
  • SCC sign at southeast corner of campus
  • south entry to Student Center Pokemon go lure
  • South Gym
  • east side of Parking Structure
  • panther statue at College Store
  • Bob’s Mural at West parking lot
  • Gregory Kondos Gallery Pokemon go lure
  • Art Court Theatre

Just this morning, a CP 595 Growlithe, a CP 238 Venomoth and a CP 275 Kadabra were caught wild on campus. Come build your Pokédex at Sacramento City College!