West Sac Students Tour CISCO Systems

On Thursday, July 14th, the students of the West Sacramento Center (WSC) Readiness Summer Program were hosted by CISCO Systems in San Jose, California. Students were introduced to a variety of career options, internship opportunities, a guided facility tour, and a variety of technologies developed by CISCO Systems.

Students were accompanied by SCC Counselor Mauricio Gonzalez and Student Personnel Assistant (SPA) Natalya Lodzhanskiy.  Lunch was provided by CISCO Systems. The college and career trips are part of this year’s 4-week WSC Summer Readiness Program funded by the SCC Equity Plan. Students are also required to enroll in HCD-310 and LTAT-92.  Additional trips to UC, Davis, Sacramento State, SCC Main campus, and SMUD are scheduled for later this month.