Kimberly Papillon

Renowned Author/Researcher to Speak at SCC Flex

Kimberly Papillon, a noted researcher into decision-making at the molecular level, will speak to SCC Faculty and staff during the August 18 morning Flex workshop in the Performing Arts Center.

Her book, The Better Mind explores emerging research in neuroscience and reveals how unconscious processes may affect decision-making. Brain imaging and decision-making studies can explain how we determine intelligence, veracity, threat, and competence. The goal – to identify ways to ensure sound decision making and fairness guided by science.

Papillon is a nationally recognized expert on medical, legal and judicial decision-making. She has served as regular faculty at the National Judicial College since 2005. She has delivered over 300 lectures nationally and internationally on the implications of neuroscience, psychology and implicit association in the analysis of decision-making in the fields of medicine, business, education and the justice system. She has lectured to medical students and faculty, as well as physicians nationwide and in Australia on the neuroscience of decision-making in differential diagnosis and treatment.

She has been appointed to the Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence’s “think tank” for physician education.

The Flex workshop will be held from 8:30 a.m. to noon in PAC 106.

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