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Two Student Leaders Attend National ‘Men of Color’ Conference

Two SCC students, Victor Molina and Maslin Walker, attended the 5th Annual Men of Color Student Leadership Institute – Man Up: Educating Minority Males for Leadership! in St. Paul, Minneapolis from October 27th – 30th.

The Men of Color conference is part of the Minority Male Initiative (MMI) that is a direct response to the need of having more minority males succeed in reaching their educational and personal goals and to enter the workforce as successful employees. The conference focused on identifying, engaging and promoting leadership development of males in traditionally underrepresented communities.

Victor, who represented Puente, and Malin, who represented Umoja, were screened and selected from an application pool of student leaders from across the nation to attend this highly prestigious Institute based on their identified potential to succeed. Presenters and workshop facilitators at the Institute were leaders in their prospective fields, who provided the participants with the essential knowledge, skills, tools and support needed to enable them to achieve their educational and personal goals, as well as enhance their sense of responsibility for their communities. The institute’s agenda provided an opportunity for participants to connect with community college CEOs, other administrators, and businessmen from an array of industries. In addition, participants interacted with other community college students from across the country. Participants were challenged to think about their path to being successful; thus, requiring them to fully immerse themselves in the institute program.
Congratulations to these two SCC students! Pictured with them is Adjunct Counselor Chris Torres.