Photo of U.S. flag waving against the blue sky in the foreground, with several more U.S. flags in the lower background.

SCC Students & Employees Vote on Nov. 8

The U.S. General Election, including the vote for U.S. President and many other races and ballot propositions, will take place on Tuesday, November 8 throughout the nation.
This includes Sacramento, where numerous polling places will be open. Across the street from the main SCC Campus, on Sutterville Road, a polling facility will be housed at the All Saints Episcopal Church. Students can vote a provisional ballot or submit their absentee ballot there if the student is registered to vote is Sacramento County.
Using this website will help students and employees find the nearest polling places in Sacramento County.
A list of polling places for students and employees at the West Sacramento or Davis Centers, can be found by visiting the Yolo County website.