Dental Hygiene Clinic students

Dental Hygiene Clinic Services Available

Did you know Sacramento City College has its own Dental Health Clinic! Services are free to any SCC student and are low cost for the public.

The Dental Hygiene Program would like to invite all interested parties in need of dental hygiene care to schedule as patients in our clinic. These services are at no cost to SCC students. Faculty are also eligible. These services are provided by both first and second year students, and are supervised by dental hygiene faculty and our supervising dentists providing step by step guidance and review of all treatments rendered.

Services provided include prophylaxis (teeth cleaning for healthy mouths), periodontal debridement (for patients with bone loss and gum disease issues of multiple levels), radiographs (x-rays), dental sealants and interim therapeutic restorations. Our D.D.S. does a ‘screening’ exam and referrals are given to patients requiring continued restorative treatment.

Contact the Dental Health Clinic at (916) 558-2303
or come see us at Rodda Hall South – Dental Clinic for your appointment.
Clinic hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

We do not provide dental care such as fillings or extraction services.

Come check out our clinic!

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