Newly elected student government v

Meet Our New Student Leaders

Congratulations to the newly elected student leaders!

Following are the unofficial results for the Spring 2017 SCC student election –

CAEB  (Clubs & Events Board)

  • President – Moises Ramirez
  • Vice President – Leo Melton
  • Secretary of Equity & Diversity – Christina Martinez Mendoza
  • Secretary of Public Relations – Humberto German Rodriguez Jimenez

Student Senate

  • President – Miguel Guerrero
  • Vice President  – Keanna LaForga
  • Treasurer  – Lucy Gee
  • Secretary of Public Relations  – Tanish Jindal
  • Senators  – Alan Hernandez, Tristan Rogers, Yvonne Sandoval

The following positions are open, to be filled by appointment process:

CAEB (Clubs & Events Board)

  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Secretary of Technology
  • Project Coordinators (10 positions)

Student Senate

  • Secretary
  • President Pro Tempore
  • Secretary of Legislative Affairs
  • Secretary of Technology
  • Secretary of Sustainability
  • Senators (17 positions)

If you are interested in being appointed to an open position, please comprehensively review the SCC Student Associated Council Constitution

And the bylaws for either can be accessed at :
Clubs & Events Board (CAEB)
Student Senate Bylaws

Review the position descriptions

And submit your candidacy

* Elections results will be finalized pending review of Los Rios Board of Trustees.