Photograph of Integration Bee winners

SCC’s First Integration Bee

The SCC math department hosted its first Integration Bee on Friday, April 28 from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm in Lillard Hall 101.  Integration Bee is like a spelling bee but with integrals, an important concept in Calculus.

Thirty-two students came to compete in the qualifying exam, which consists of five integral problems on paper, for twenty minutes.  Then the top sixteen students moved on to the competitive round to compete in groups of at most four students.  They had to do more challenging integral problems in front of the board with the pressure from time and the audience.  The tie breaker between the second and third place winners was a speed round in which the two competitors had to be the first one to do the problem correctly, and it only took half of a second to break that tie.

We proudly present the winners of the 2017 Integration Bee:

First place ($300 and a TI Nspire graphing calculator): Junyi Zhu

Second place ($200 and a TI 84 plus graphing calculator): Meiyi Zheng

Third place ($100): Shikun Huang

Tied for fourth place ($50 each): Nathan Lee and Manish Mishra

The math department is planning to continue to host this competition every spring semester.

In the picture from left to right: Integration Bee Co-chair Tsz Yan Wu, tied for fourth place winner: Nathan Lee, tied for fourth place winner Manish Mishra, third place winner: Shikun Huang, second place winner: Meiyi Zheng, first place winner Junyi Zhu, Math/Statistics/Engineering Dean Dr. Daniel Styer.