SCC President Michael Gutierrez sitting at conference room table

New SCC President Michael Gutierrez

Sac City Express: “City College Has A New President; Texas Native Michael Gutierrez Takes The Reins At SCC After 18-Month Candidate Search”

By: Maxfield Morris

City College has finally found its next leader after 1 ½ years without a permanent president: Michael Gutierrez, who left Eastfield College, a community college near Dallas, Texas, to take the position here.

Gutierrez officially took office at City College on July 24, 2017.

Like many college administrators, Gutierrez has an extensive background in education.

Unlike many college administrators, Gutierrez has shadowboxed with Muhammad Ali.

When Gutierrez was an undergrad, he went to a center where Muhammad Ali practiced in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

“Muhammad Ali was actually there, and he selected me to shadowbox with him,” Gutierrez, 48, said. “He taps me on the shoulder and starts hopping around, and he’s trying to fake box me, basically. I’ll always remember that.”

Like a boxer preparing for a fight, Gutierrez is focused on groundwork. His current goal is to develop a nuanced understanding of the City College community before he ultimately collaborates with the community to create a five-year plan.

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