Two young Asian female students looking at a computer monitor, with a graphic overlay of HTML code over the entire photo

Women Who Code 12/1

Several women from the industry are coming to campus to participate in a panel discussion forum. At the end of the panel discussion, there will be two short coding workshops (programming, web) for exploration.

The forum will be held on Friday, Dec. 1, from noon to 3 p.m. in the Business Building, BUS 203.

Everyone is welcome, but women especially are encouraged to attend.

Panel guests include:

  • A State Data Processing Manager (Programming Team – Information Systems Branch – Medical Board of California)
  • A web developer working at the State (former student who graduated about 2 yrs ago)
  • A hardware engineer, programmer from Intel
  • A project manager working in private sector for Web Design and Development


For more info, please email: