Four female models, including one in a wheelchair, are side by side while one of them speaks into a microphone; all are dressed in vibrant colors and graphic prints, modeling items made by women in Kenya, Peru and Nepal.

SCC Celebrates Women’s Day

SCC celebrated International Women’s Day with a conference and student art show on Friday, March 9.

The event drew 60-75 participants who heard from several speakers, including author and photojournalist Paola Gianturco.

In her book, “Wonder Girls: Changing Our World,” Gianturco documents the activist work of girls from around the globe. Her photographs have been exhibited at the United Nations, UNESCO, The Field Museum/Chicago, and the World Affairs Council in San Francisco.

Tiffani Sharp, an immigration attorney in Sacramento and founder of Willow Tree Roots, also presented at the event. Willow Tree Roots is an organization that provides underserved women with income-generating and business development skills through socio-economic empowerment projects. Projects are underway in Kenya, Peru, Nepal and the United States. Her presentation concluded with a vivid fashion show, featuring items handcrafted by women in Kenya, Peru and Nepal.

Additionally, several student artists spoke in a panel discussion about their experiences as women and what they hope to achieve with their art.