Three young women of different ethnic backgrounds are sitting together, working on a task on their tablets

Learn App-Making and Coding

Don’t forget to sign up for Everyone Can Code, a new 16-week course that teaches Apple’s powerful and intuitive programming language called Swift!

The class is called MAKR 299 (find it under Modern Making in eServices). Students who complete the curriculum will be able to take a certification test that validates their knowledge of Swift for employers.

As the need for application developers continue to grow, SCC understands the importance of offering this opportunity to students and members of our community to expand their job skills.

“Coding is creating new jobs and redefining old positions,” said Deborah Saks, dean of Business and Computer Information Science. “We see this new venture as an opportunity to engage more students in the field of coding.”

In line with the idea that coding is for everyone, faculty members from a variety of disciplines will be teaching the course. The classroom, which has the feel of a tech startup, was designed with an ease of flexibility to allow students to code collaboratively or independently as they choose. The course is self-paced and students can access materials online.

“Sacramento can be a part of the next wave of developers,” said SCC President Michael Gutierrez. “The engaging nature of the Everyone Can Code curriculum opens the door to future job opportunities in application development and design that some of our students haven’t considered.”