Panther mascot standing on large planter in the quad, with arms outstretched, looking jubilant

Building a Better Learning Environment

Facilities planning is a critical piece of the Sacramento City College and Los Rios Community College District’s overall educational planning process that allows the us to periodically evaluate conditions, identify needs and adjust accordingly to promote continued success.

The college and District are currently in the process of updating our 2010 Facilities Master Plan, with a final product anticipated this summer. The Plan will address new construction and the modernization of existing space for continued or new purposes. Facilities planning throughout the District is a continuous, carefully executed operation that takes into account several factors including current and anticipated student populations, and facility functions and capacities.

Working collaboratively with leadership, academic department heads and faculty members from SCC and Districtwide, architects and staff have gathered input regarding facilities needs and improvements to help create a plan that will ultimately be presented to the District for consideration. By engaging a diverse group of campus representatives with on-the-ground experience, the updated Plan will reflect current priorities, align with student needs and better respond to a dynamic learning environment.

For additional information on the facilities master planning process, please contact the SCC facilities office.