Sacramento City College students and members of Wavement gather at the Capitol for the Sept. 20 climate march with signs about climate change and joining Wavement.

Student Feature: We’re on the front lines of climate change. How you can save my homeland and our people

Sacramento City College student Ngyolani (Nani) is a co-founder of Wavement, a group raising awareness about how climate change is drastically affecting the Marshall Islands. Read Nani’s special to The Sacramento Bee about the islands’ role on the front lines of climate change and what Wavement is doing to raise awareness.

“Iakwe. My name is Ngyolani Henry. I moved to Sacramento from the Marshall Islands 12 years ago when I was 8.

“The Marshall Islands is a nation consisting of two chains of low-lying atolls located in the southern region of the Pacific Ocean, half-way between Australia and Hawai’i. Atolls are relatively flat, ring-shaped islands surrounded by a coral reef with a lagoon. We’re only 2 meters above sea level. This automatically places us on the front line of climate change.

“With waters rising, floods have become more frequent in the islands. They have destroyed many homes, leaving people with nothing, washing away the graves of our loved ones and eating up pieces of the land.”

Read Ngyolani’s full special to the Bee on The Sacramento Bee website.