Academic Computing

Listed below are the computer related services and resources available to students at Sacramento City College through Academic Computing. Services include: computer labs, workshops, and individual support in computer labs.

Computer Labs

Though some SCC computer labs are designated for students enrolled in specific academic programs, the Academic Computing labs are open to all Los Rios Community College students. The two computer labs focus on students who need extra help with computers. Staff are there to assist you with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Los Rios Gmail, Google Apps, D2L, scanning, and printing. Headphones are available for purchase at the Media Reserve/ Checkout counter. ADA stations are available.

Learning Resource Building LR-144 (Library 1st Floor)

Phone: 558-2099

Monday-Thursday 7:30AM-8PM

Friday 7:30-5PM

Saturday 9AM-3PM

Business Building 152

Phone: 558-2666
Monday-Friday  8AM-4PM


Sacramento City College, Main Campus
Learning Resource Center, LR-144 (1st floor in the Learning Resource Center)
Telephone: (916) 558-2099


Learning Resources



Workshops for new and returning students

Do you need a technology refresher?

Drop by a D2L and Los Rios Gmail/Google Apps workshop. Workshops will begin again in October.

3PM on Mondays @ LR-141 (Library 1st Floor, computer classroom next to the computer lab)
Tutoring appointments for 1-on-1 computer help are also available. Schedule your appointment today at the lab!



If a 1-hour workshop is not enough, consider taking a class:

Are you Tech Ready For College? Are you confidant with computers? If No, take CISC 300 and CISC 320. Are you comfortable with the Internet and e-mail. If no, take CISC 305. Do you know how to use a word processor? If no, take CISA 305. Do you know how to use D2L and Google Drive? If no, take LTAT 330.