Senate Documents

Faculty Hiring Prioritization Requests 2017-2018

Final Faculty Hiring Rankings 2017-2018


Resolution: Fully Online Community College (Passed 2-20-2018)

Resolution: Performance-Based Funding (Passed 2-20-2018)

Resolution: Commitment to the Social Justice Mission of Community Colleges (Passed 12-6-2016)

Resolution: Open Educational Resources and Textbook Affordability (Passed 4-5-2016)

Resolution 1: Pathways and Partnerships (Passed 10-20-2015)

Senate-approved documents and statements

Statement on Video Interviews (Approved11-8-2016)

Appointing Probationary Tenure-Track Faculty to Hiring Committees (Approved 11-15-2016)

Work of Special Committees

Participatory Decision-Making Task Force Report

This is a report (above) from the Participatory Decision Making Task Force of the Academic Senate.  On November 4, the Academic Senate voted to approve this report. In addition, the Academic Senate has requested that this document be shared with all of our constituency leaders along with a request that we work together to discuss and address the questions in the report in regard to Participatory Decision Making at SCC.

Other Documents