County Corrections

County jails and county probation departments head the county corrections approach to the short-term detention, and supervision of guilty offenders.  

County probation departments are an integral part of public safety structure, charged with the supervision of adult and juvenile offenders granted probation by the Courts.

Probation operates the Juvenile Hall as well as juvenile commitment and monitoring facilities throughout the State of California.  Probation departments also prepare the definitive investigative reports for both juvenile and adult offenders which assist County Superior Courts in making decisions on the disposition and sentencing of offenders.

Using the Restorative Justice Model of Community Protection; Victim Restoration and Offender Competency, Probation works in concert with law enforcement, education, community organizations and the residents of each county to reduce crime and provide proven rehabilitation services for probationers. 

Area Probation Departments






Sacramento County Probation Department:


Yolo County Probation:


Placer County Probation:


El Dorado County Probation:


San Joaquin County Probation:


Yuba County Probation:

Sacramento County - BRANCH JAIL (RCCC)



Sacramento County Branch Jail is operated by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department:


Sacramento County - Main Jail



The Sacramento County Main Jail is operated by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department:

Main Jail- Sacramento