Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is the prevention, investigation, apprehension, and detention of individuals suspected or convicted of violations of criminal laws.

Sacramento Police Department officers on horseback in front of Capitol building photo of police badge photo of Sacramento Police Department helicopter

Career Opportunities

A great variety of career opportunities is open to students who successfully complete specific portions of this program of study. There is an urgent demand for trained personnel in such areas as uniformed police patrol, investigation, criminal identification, criminalistics, and jail corrections. Financially and professionally rewarding employment in these areas may be found on the local, state, federal, and private levels.

Police Services Associate in Science Degree
Certificate of Achievement

Program Information

The Police Services option of the Administration of Justice Program accepts as its basic mission the preparation of interested students for entry into the police field where the primary functions are the prevention of crime and apprehension of criminals. Students embarking on this career should have the ability to commit themselves to an endeavor where professionalism, maturity, and dedication are absolute prerequisites to success.

Federal Law Enforcement

State Law Enforcement

County Sheriff

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