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The Correctional Services option of the Administration of Justice Program is dedicated to preparing the student for a career in corrections that offers a wide range of employment opportunities in the area of supervision and rehabilitation of convicted offenders. It is designed to introduce students to the correctional field and to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of correctional history, legal fundamentals, philosophy, and techniques.

Career Opportunities

A great variety of career opportunities is open to students who successfully complete specific portions of this program of study. There is an urgent demand for trained personnel in such areas as uniformed police patrol, investigation, criminal identification, criminalistics, and corrections. Financially and professionally rewarding employment in these areas may be found on the local, state, federal, and private levels.

Recommended High School Preparation

General college preparatory courses

Associate in Science Degree (AS)

The Associate in Science degree may be obtained by completion of the required program, plus general education requirements, plus sufficient electives to meet a 60-unit total. See SCC graduation requirements.

Certificate of Achievement (COA)

The Certificate of Achievement may be obtained by completion of the required program with grades of “C” or better or equivalent.