Hiring Process

Getting a job in the criminal justice system takes time and patience.  Once you turn in your application, agencies will begin a process of investigating who you are.

Agencies want to ensure that they hire the best candidates, so they often require that candidates complete written exams, writing sample exams, physical, and oral examinations, a thorough background check, polygraph test, psychological exam, medical exam, and usually an interview with high ranking agency officials prior to getting hired.

Once hired,  you will be paid to go through and academy.  Each level of law enforcement and corrections jobs (federal, state, and local), require some type of specified training protocol for their new hires.

Local law enforcement (county and city) require cadets to go through the Basic P.O.S.T. Academy.   Federal and state law enforcement agencies have individualized training academies.

There are also academies for all levels of corrections officers, parole agents, and probation officers.

Once in an academy, cadets must adhere to the rules, regulations, and protocols of the academy.  Most training academies have a rigorous physical training regimen, so it is strongly advisable that candidates prepare accordingly.

Criminal Justice Hiring FAQs

What is a Basic P.O.S.T. Academy?

postThe mission of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) is to continually enhance the professionalism of California law enforcement in serving its communities.


Recognizing that effective law enforcement is the cornerstone of a free and safe society, POST is committed to a vision of the future that ensures quality, integrity, accountability, and cooperation; encourages new ideas; explores and uses appropriate technologies; and delivers relevant, client-based programs and services.

Go to the California P.O.S.T. website for more information.

Do I take a test to get into a Basic P.O.S.T. Academy?


Go to the California P.O.S.T. website and review the testing requirements:

Entry-Level Test Battery FAQs

Are there different academies for federal and state law enforcement?


Explore the hiring/training section of your desired agency’s website.  Contact qualified agency personnel if you have questions.

What types of jobs are available in Court services?

In both Federal Court and State Court there are a variety of positions available for employment.  Generally, the following positions exist in the courts:  Judges, Attorneys, bailiff, court reporter, court clerk, language interpreters, and court administrators to name a few.

Employment positions within the Sacramento County Court system

What are the steps to getting a job as a Corrections Officer?

California has 4 types of corrections officers:  Federal, State, County Jail, and Private.

What are the steps to getting a job as a Probation Officer?

There are positions available in both Federal Probation and County Probation.

How do I become a Parole Agent?

Employees within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation can serve as Parole Agents.  Parole Agents supervise individuals who have been conditionally released from prison.  Explore these positions:

CDCR website

Veteran’s Guide to Getting a Job

Helpful Tips for Veterans