Advanced Education FAQs

What do I need to submit in my Packet?

All students (including continuing AE students) must submit ALL of the following items to the Admissions & Records office in the Student Services Building, or email them to

  1. The completed Advanced Education form with the courses filled in by your high school counselor/administrator and signatures from you, your parent/guardians, and your high school counselor/administrator.
  2. A typed statement indicating why you wish to take classes at SCC and how you qualify for the courses you want to take (this statement will be used in determining your approval).
  3. A copy of your high school transcript.
  4. Documentation of proof of age (if age is not reflected on high school transcript).
  5. A copy of the private school affidavit, if you are home-schooled.

Keep copies of all of the above documents for future reference.

I am a Continuing Advanced Education Student. Do I still need to submit all of the required documentation?

Yes!  All students are required to submit ALL of the documentation listed above.

If you do not submit all of the required documentation listed above, your Advanced Education packet will be considered incomplete, and you will be sent an email informing you of what you are missing and how to resubmit your Advanced Education packet.

Will an SCC counselor help me choose the classes I should enroll in?

No. The courses you request must be filled in by your high school counselor, and will not be changed or amended by an SCC counselor. Your high school counselor can best advise you on which classes to take while in high school.

How do I place into English and Math classes?

Your high school transcript will be used to place you into English and Math classes at Sacramento City College. It based on a combination of your GPA and your highest math and English class taken at your high school.

I want to take classes in the summer and fall. Do I need 2 Advanced Education packets?

Yes. If you want to be considered to take summer and fall classes, you need to bring two separate Advanced Education packets each containing copies of the documents outlined in FAQ #1. The packet for summer should have the classes you are requesting for summer and the fall packet should list the classes you are requesting for fall. Also, your typed statement should be different for each semester, and should reflect the classes you are requesting for that semester.

Do I need to sign-up for classes myself, or can someone enroll in my classes for me?

All Advanced Education students must enroll for their approved classes in person, no one else can enroll you in your classes.

Where do I submit my Advanced Education Packet?

You have two options to submit your Advanced Education packet:

  • Option 1) You can drop off all required documents (in a packet) to the Admissions & Records Office in STS 103.
  • Option 2) You can scan/upload or attach your documents as a PDF file and email them to If you do not know how to attach/scan or upload your documents, please use option one.

Any other questions can be emailed to