How to fill out a Degree/Certificate Petition

Graduating this semester?

Need help submitting your online petition?

Follow this quick 10 Step tutorial and get everything ready before you start your petition.

Step 1. Go to

The Degree/Certificate Information page has four sections:

  • Deadlines Information
  • Associate Degree Requirements
  • Associate Degree for Transfer Requirements
  • Certificate Requirements

To make sure you have completed all the requirements, please read all the information under the degree/certificate requirements section.

Step 2. Run your Transcripts or Course History

A. Transcripts

You may view your Unofficial Transcripts through your eServices account.

Log in to your eServices > Academics > Click down arrow for Unofficial Transcripts

e-Services - Academics - View Unofficial Transcripts Screen Shot

B. Course History

You may view your Course History through your eServices account.

Log in to your eServices > Academics > Click down arrow for Course History

e-Services - Academics - View Course History Screen Shot

To view your Course History in alphabetical order simply click on the “Course” heading.

eServices - Course History - Alphabetical Order Screen Shot


A. Create a What-if Report

You can set up a What-if Report based on your Major. The What-if Report is an unofficial report that identifies the courses that will meet the requirements for the degree or certificate.

You may create your What-if Report through your eServices account.

Log in to your eServices > Academics > Click down arrow for What-if Report

For help on how to create a What-if Report, view the How to Create a What-if Report

eServices - What-if Report - Screen Shot

B. General Education and Major Requirements Sheet

If you completed an Associate Degree, you can download the General Education Requirements sheet under the Associate Degree Graduation Requirements section.

Associate Degree Graduation Requirements Information Page Screen Shot

If you completed an Associate Degree for Transfer, you can download the CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or the IGETC-CSU Requirements under the Associate Degree for Transfer Graduation Requirements section .

Associate Degree for Transfer Graduation Requirements - Information Page Screen Shot

C. Major Requirements Sheet

You can download the Major Requirements under each of the three Requirements sections.

Associate Degree Major Requirements - Information Page Screen Shot

Associate Degree for Transfer Major Requirements - Information Page Screen Shot

Certificate Major Requirements - Information Page Screen Shot


A. Official Transcripts

All officials transcripts must be on file before applying for graduation and/or certificate.

Students who have previously attended another college or university outside the Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) should make a counseling appointment after their transcripts have been received to review their transfer credits towards their degree.

If applicable, please send all official transcripts to:

Sacramento City College
Admissions and Records Office
Student Services Building, STS 103
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822

B. Course Substitution Petitions

Course Substitution Petitions are needed when an equivalent course has been taken at another college, both within LRCCD and outside of LRCCD. Course Substitution Petitions start in the Counseling Center after your official transcripts have been received. Approved and signed Course Substitution Petitions need to be submitted to the Admission and Records Office before the end of the semester/session in which you are applying to graduate.

If you have taken a class outside the LRCCD that might cover any of the below Requirements download the Course Substitution Petition.

C. AP, CLEP, and IB Scores

Students at Sacramento City College may be awarded units from each AP, CLEP, and/or IB passing score.

If applicable, click under the AP, CLEP, AND IB charts below to find out if your credits will satisfy general education requirements and SCC equivalent courses. For transferring students, examinations information is listed as it applies to meeting CSU General Education-Breadth or IGETC requirements.

AP Scores

ap scores link

CLEP Scores

clep scores link

IB Scores

IB scores link


Select an Associate Degree, Associate Degree for Transfer, and/or Certificate Petition.

Select a Petition - Information Page - screen shot

STEP 6. Fill out the Graduation Requirements

Each of the requirements for the Associate Degree and Associate Degree for Transfer should be filled in with a course, placement score, or course substitution.

graduation requirements - petiton form - screen shot

graduation requirements sheet - screen shot

STEP 7. Select your Major

Select a major from the drop down list.

select major screen shot

* If your major is from a previous catalog and is not on the list, select “other” and enter your degree name in the comments box at the end of the petition form.

You may add up to three (3) different majors under one petition.

To add more majors select “Yes” under “Are you applying for another degree?”

add another major screen shot

STEP 8. Fill out the Major Requirements

Each of the major requirements for the Associate Degree, Associate Degree for Transfer, and/or Certificate should be filled in with a course, placement score, or course substitution.



major list of classes - online petiton form - screen shot

major list of classes - scc catalog - screen shot

To add more major requirements select “Yes” under “Add more major Requirements”

more major requirements screen shot


  • Please check for accuracy before submitting.
  • (*) An asterisk on the petition fields denotes that an answer is required.
  • Enter any comments or questions you might have under the Comments/Question box.
  • Please enter any two digits under the “Verification” button.
  • Click on the “Submit” button to submit your Graduation/Certificate Petition.

Degree/Certificate - Submit, Comments, and Verification - screen shot

Step 10. Keep your confirmation email


This email will explain in detail the Degree Petition Process once your petition reaches our Evaluations Department.

Degree Petition Process

Evaluators must wait for final grades to be submitted by instructors, review the petitions and completed coursework for accuracy, post the degree and certificate information to students’ records, and then order the diplomas and certificates. Keep in mind that all of this work happens typically during peak registration periods.

  • Students will be notified via email when their petition has been initially approved and/or denied.
  • All initially approved/denied petitions will be fully evaluated after final grades have been posted (after the semester is over).
  • If the petition is denied, students need to contact their counselor to go over the degree/certificate requirements.
  • Please allow four to six months from the end of the semester/session before you receive your degree/certificate(s) in the mail.
  • If you change your name or address during this time, make sure to notify the evaluations directly since your petition information is maintained on a separate database. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Evaluations Department in writing if the name or address is changed. This will ensure proper delivery of the degree.

For any further questions please contact our Admissions and Records Office at (916) 558-2351.