1. Is there a prerequisite for the program?

Aero 309 is the prerequisite for the Aero program. It is a two week introductory class that is offered between regular semesters. It is mandatory to pass Aero 309 before registering for the Aero program.

2. How long is the program?

It is a two year program and attend classes five nights a week, starting at 3:30pm. There are four hours of lab followed by two hours of lecture Monday through Friday. The program is broken down into four semesters each of which is divided into two eight week section.

3. Which class should I take first?

Sequence starts in the fall, Aero 300 series, Aero 310 series, Aero 320 series, and Aero 330 series. Starting with Aero 310 series in the spring is another option.

4. Are there textbooks?

Yes, Aero uses textbook produces by the FAA and are available for free to download on the FAA.gov website.

5. Where are the Aeronautics classes held? 

The Aeronautics program are located on the former McClellan Air Force base and have runway access. Pilots are allowed to fly to our facility.

6. Can people take a tour of the facilities out at McClellan Air Force base?

Feel free to drop by anytime class is in session and have a tour of our facility. We are located at 5808 Price Ace, McClellan CA. 95652.

( https://www.scc.losrios.edu/aero/directions-mcclellan/ )

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