SCC History Tour with Jack Halligan

In his 28 years as an SCC Librarian, Jack Halligan gained so much knowledge of SCC history, he gave tours to new employees and those interested in the college’s background.

His latest tour, recorded in spring 2016 by SCC Media Services, offers fascinating facts from the college’s beginning to present time.

The Forming of Los Rios CCD

Duration: 1:16

Lillard and Cooledge

Duration: 1:43

Kondos and Fischbacher

Duration: 1:38

North Gym

Duration: 0:55

The Observatory

Duration: 0:37

The Quad

Duration: 1:39

Rodda Buildings

Duration: 1:17

The Origin of Sac State

Duration: 1:35

Ralph Stackpole

Duration: 3:19

Art Court Theatre

Duration: 1:39

Vietnam War Protests

Duration: 1:25

Walkway Plaques

Duration: 1:18