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Charlie Bennett

Charlie BennettBorn in Troy NY 1933, I spent my early years in a small town (Grandville) and later moved back to Troy. I went to school No.6 , Mom and Dad bought a house in West Sand lake, between Albany and Troy. There I attended Averill Park School (traveling by school bus) where all grades were in the same building -tough school. I had 15 members in my graduating class.

I had different jobs: delivered papers, mowed lawns of the graveyard, and worked in a grocery store in West Sand lake. Friends from California came to visit and offered me a chance to travel across the country to California and I took it. We traveled by car and camped all the way to Sacramento. They took me to Sacramento Jr. College and showed me an opportunity to go to college. We spent the summer traveling around Northern California. I returned home by train just before school started for my senior year. The Wissemans (my second family) offered the opportunity to stay with them and attend Sacramento Jr. College and on. I worked in the store after school and on Saturdays (store was closed on Sunday’s). I graduated from high school in 1951 and came to Sacramento to attend college. I graduated from Sacramento Jr. College and enrolled in Sacramento State College. I graduated from Sac State in 1955.

I started teaching credential courses in the fall but the draft called for service in the army at Fort Lewis, Washington. For 18 months I returned to SSC and got a General Secondary Cred. In 1956. I started teaching at CK McClatchy High school in Chemistry and Biology and taught General Chemistry, honors Chem, AP Chem, anatomy, physiology, and physical science during my 37 years. I also had a Science Club which we would hike every summer to mountainous areas. I started teaching evenings at SCC in General Chemistry during my last year at CKM in 1994. After returning from CKM I moved over to SCC teaching the lab sections for CHEM 400, 401, 305, and 300 usually 2 sections per semester. I retired in 2015, due to knee problems.  I came back to SCC Chemistry Dept. last spring 2016, as a volunteer tutor.

Patty Blomberg

photo of Patty BlombergAs a newly single Mom, age 23, I attended SCC and obtained my AA in 1973, I transferred to CSUS obtaining my BS in 1975.

As an employee of Planned Parenthood, I was invited to speak to the then Psych 25 Human Sexuality class taught by Barbara Davis. She mentored me into obtaining a Life Teaching Credential from the CA Community College Program and I have been a part time, now Adjunct Psych Professor ever since. I did complete my MS in Developmental Psych at UCD by 1986. My full time day job consisted of numerous State, Federal and Community Health programs. My work with HIV/AIDS spanned 15 years and 5 publications with UCD.

When I retired from my day policy work, I continued to teach at SCC. Happy to be teaching during the day vs nights and weekends, I now teach the very large Psych 356 Human Sexuality class in Lillard Hall Rm 101, the very same class room used by Professor Davis back in the 1970’s when we first started teaching Sexuality. One of the Sacramento agencies, Capitol City AIDS Fund, has donated an electric cart, the SCC Condom Cart. Work continues.

Patty Blomberg died Sept. 17, 2016, after teaching psychology at SCC for 30 years. She spearheaded the effort to obtain the SCC Condom Cart, which continues to drive around campus and offer free condoms and information about safe sex practices.

Interim President Michael Poindexter said of Blomberg, “If you think about it, how many lives did she save, despite some people’s objections to having [the Condom Cart] on campus? She loved our students and wanted to keep them safe.”

Behavioral and Social Sciences Dean Frank Malaret said of the division’s longtime employee, “Patty was always incredibly caring for our students. She had an incredible spirit.”

Paul Carmazzi

Photo: Paul CarmazziAs we go through the college experience we encounter many influential instructors. There are those, though, who leave a lasting impression on you and you are forever grateful. Here at SCC, I was fortunate to have great people come into my life—Dick PierucciJerry Weinstein, Bill MahanCharlie Duff, Gerald Wiley, Jim Klewer, Shirley Short, Suzie Chok-Hunt, Linda Wark, Fred Capellas—to name a few have all impacted my life in a positive way.

One special memory was of the first class I took here at SCC in the old admin buildings before Rodda North was built. The class, Intro to Statistics, was taught by Gene Sellers and I was so nervous and unsure about myself being in college for the first time. Mr. Sellers immediately put me at ease. He taught in such a way as to make it fun and he always was so welcoming and supportive. You could tell he loved what he did and it is no surprise that he is still teaching here today inspiring students on a daily basis. To this day I always keep him in mind when I am interacting with students who are experiencing college for the first time.

Prof. Emeritus Richard Deus

Photo: Richard DeusAs a former student and faculty, following are some of my memories:

  • Frontier Days
  • Report Cards
  • Student Roster Printouts
  • Printed Class Schedules
  • Live (not online) class signups
  • President Robert Harris
  • Burial of 75 Year Time Capsule
  • Camellia Bowl at Hughes Stadium
  • Revival, then decline, of Football Homecoming
  • “Dumb Classrooms”

And many fond memories of fellow faculty, staff and students

Rhonda Faraimo

Long ago, I was passing through the music halls and spotted a young man sitting at the piano in a practice room. I recognized him from my music theory class, so I decided to stop and say hi. He was writing a song, but couldn’t think of a good melody. He asked me if I could help him create one. I played a few chords on the piano, and he started to sing. The rest is history. Since that day, we were writing and making music together almost every day. We’d go on to collaborate on new songs for the next couple of semesters. It was the best time of my life. But as time went by, we went our own separate ways, and I never saw him again. That was 15 years ago. Today, I still remember my old friend and the time he musically inspired me. Now the time has come to take that experience—and all that I learned as a music student—and finish the Songwriting program here at SCC. I feel honored to be a part of history, and I’m very excited to achieve such an awesome educational goal on the100th year anniversary.

Chrisy Jones (Kupper)

Chrisy Jones (Kupper)I began my college years at SCC in the fall of 1986. I worked on my pre-requisites and general education requirements for two years, and then entered the Dental Assisting program in the fall of 1988. I completed the program in 1989 and worked full time for one year as an RDA while attending evening classes to complete my final pre-requisites for Dental Hygiene. I was accepted into the SCC Dental Hygiene program and graduated in 1992. I was the recipient of the American Dental Hygiene Association Student Leadership Award.

In 2013, a long-time dream came true when I was hired as adjunct faculty in the SCC Dental Hygiene department. In 2014 I was elected the founding president of the SCC Allied Dental Health Alumni Association. In the spring of 2016, I began my tenure track as full time faculty. As a Sacramento native, I am so proud to be a part of the Panther legacy, and I look forward to perpetuating the long line of excellence in education and dental hygiene that SCC has to offer.

Erin Mefford-Frederici

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Sacramento City College. My parents met there (then Sacramento Junior College), and the fountain holds special memories for my Mom, Mary Jo Grimes Mefford, since my Dad, Jack Allan Mefford has passed away. I graduated from SCC, and so did they.

photo of Joseph Simon with telescope and city viewJoseph Simon

I remember Sacramento City College being just right down the road from where I lived, and in the summer of 2008, I decided to enroll. I felt inclined to major in chemistry; it being my favorite subject in high school. That decision was integral to my future endeavors.

I felt at home in the department; flourishing among people who also took an interest in science. My journey was not without hiccups. During the fall of my second year in City College, I collapsed during class and was taken to the ER. This medical emergency resulted in me withdrawing from my courses and forfeiting my transfer agreement with UC Davis.

Following this setback, I had the full support of the department. I continued to work and tutor over the next year. For all my accomplishments, I was honored as one of the “Outstanding Chemistry Students of the Year.” This award made me all the more ardent about moving onto the next level. I applied to UCLA, a school without a transfer agreement. In spring of 2011, I was accepted.

Today, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. All of this started with a trip to City College.

Darby Vickery

Photo: Darby Vickery70-74: Tremendous growth period; changed major 3 times, Ahaha—studied music under Clive Mefford—performed the Bach Bm Mass; studied Geology under Burt Admunson and Chris Hulbe; went on for a Bachelors degree in Geology; Professional geologist for 35 years, working in energy, transportation, groundwater, and mining.

Semi-retired from full-time Geology at age 57.

In music-continued, performing at Carnegie Hall in 2003, Munich, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest in 2004; Produced 5-CDs performing with the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra.

Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2004; radiation and chemo successful but lost ability to sing or speak well; CHANGED Art Forms from music to Painting in 2012.

RETURNED to SCC in 2013, majoring in Art—painting! Studying under Professor Zamora; becoming a Muralist!!!

Live has been FULL. Married 20 years, then my wife got sick and went home to the Lord. Got remarried—11+ years so far.

I have been blessed with a tremendous Life; and I greatly APPRECIATE the time I have invested in attending Sacramento City College and the Los Rios Community College System. This is an Excellent place for a young person to learn, grow, and SUCCEED. Best Wishes to You All.