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Glenn Tilton retired from teaching at Sacramento City College over 25 years ago, and he and his wife, Gwen, have been supporting students through philanthropy since retirement. This photo was taken at the SCC Scholarship Ceremony in May 2018. Here, Glenn & Gwen were intently listening to Andrew Hopper’s discoveries while at SCC.  As a student at Sac City, he learned that he had an aptitude for linguistics, unbridled curiosity, and love of learning. 

Glenn said, “My life has been motivated by many people who reached out to help me in my career, and I find it so uplifting to be able to give back to our students at SCC.”

Give today and join Glenn and Gwen in supporting SCC students through philanthropy.

Andrew Hopper, and Glenn and Gwen Tilton
SCC Scholar & Alumnus, Andrew Hopper, and SCC Donors Glenn and Gwen Tilton

New Buildings to SCC Campuses

Mohr Hall

  • illustration: future Mohr Hall
    Future Mohr Hall


Naming Opportunities

Buildings and areas may be named in honor of friends, benefactors, and persons who have made significant contributions to the College, the District, or to education in California or the nation. This includes those:

  • who have rendered significant, permanent service to education in California or the nation;
  • who have distinguished themselves in the work of a College, campus, discipline, or department within the District;
  • who are indigenous to the area and hold a unique place in history; or
  • who have made a substantial gift to the College or the District.

For more information on a naming request, please contact Dan McCarty,  Director of Donor Relations at 916-558-2197 or email at

Other Ways to Support SCC

There are many ways for you to support our students and our college.  Please contact our office for additional information of any of the following:

  • Establishing a scholarship or endowment
  • President’s Circle
  • Legacy Society
  • Planned Giving