Angela Block

“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.”

— Paulo Freire, educator (1921 – 1997)

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    • Professor: Sociology
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Various information may be located on this website.  Above you will find links regarding my ONLINE class sections. Click on the “Courses” link in the above menu bar to locate specific class information.

Online Class Information:  Online classes will open on Canvas (the Los Rios Learning Management System) on the first weekday of the semester.  Late start classes will begin October 12.  If you are registered for a late start online class and it does not show up on your Canvas login page, it is likely because the class will not go “live” until October 12.  If you have any difficulty at that point, I recommend that you contact the help line — information located on Canvas sign in page (  For more information about orientation meeting/s, please click on the “Online Course Info” link above for your specific class.

Information About Adding An Online Class:
Looking to add one of these classes, but no room on the official waitlist?? Come to the scheduled orientation meeting to try and add the class. Note that being registered on the waitlist is NOT a guarantee that you will be able to add the class.  Also note that student/s will not be added via e-mail!! You must attend an orientation meeting for the possibility of adding the class.  See specific class (“Courses” link above) for orientation information.

Fall 2017 Late Start 8 week (10/12/17 – 12/8/17) class Orientation Meeting — please attend ONE of the following:

Wednesday, October 11 (5 p.m. – 7 p.m.) SCC Davis Center room 205


Thursday, October 12 (4 – 6 p.m.) — Location — LRC 105 (Learning Resource Center room 105 — first floor on the left side of lobby)


A note about online and distance education class structure…. While you will not be required to be online during specific hours, it is required that you log in and complete specific tasks a minimum of 3 times per week. There are assignments, quizzes, and / or discussion boards due EVERY week!! It is common to expect approximately 9 – 12 hours of work — sometimes more — on a 3 unit class each week. I am flexible with how you schedule your time in this class during each week, however I am also a big fan of deadlines, and maintaining them for the purpose of fairness and academic rigor. None of the classes discussed on this site are “self paced.”

To log on to online class/es once you have officially registered with the college for the course/s (NOTE: online classes will not be available until the beginning of the semester) — reference the online help for students Resources for Students Using Los Rios eLearning Canvas — .

New To Canvas?  Los Rios Colleges are in the process of adopting a new online delivery system — Canvas.  This is a system that many California Community Colleges are adopting — hopefully promoting a more consistent “feel” between colleges.  For a brief video overview of this system, click on the following link —  (~ 7 minutes).