Marriage and the Family — online

SOC 310 or FCS 320

Same course, cross-referenced

This course examines the social, psychological, historical and economic factors relating to changing family, courtship, marriage and partnership patterns. This course will include examination and analysis of social constructions of childhood, adolescence and early, middle and late adulthood. Exploration of changing gender roles, courtship patterns and parenting will also be included. Emphasis will be placed on diversity of families and family forms. (Credit may be awarded for either SOC 310 or FCS 320 but not both.)

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There will be an online orientation assignment and/or quiz assigned the first week that you MUST complete in order to remain registered in the class. Look for this information on our class site beginning  January 22, 2019.

Textbook information

Marriages and Families: Diversity and Change, 8th edition

Authors: Schwartz and Scott
ISBN: 9780134636016  Copyright Year: 2018
Publisher: Pearson

note — you do NOT need access to the publisher companion site Revel.

This book may be purchased or rented from the SCC bookstore or from the publisher.

This book in is available in e-book format from the following site for just under $20.  I can’t vouch for the site, but I did successfully purchase and download a copy onto my computer —

To purchase a loose leaf printed copy of the text from the publisher, you will first need to purchase electronic access to it.  From there, you will be able to order a printed copy if you wish.  Note that you will have the first chapter available as a preview for the first week of the semester; after this time, you are required to purchase electronic access to this text.  Required reading assigned from text begins the first week of instruction!!

Textbook access directions —

1. Go to: 

2. Sign in to your Pearson Account or create one.

3. Redeem your access code or purchase instant access online. (Temporary access option for financial aid is also available.)

Here’s more information for your course section: Course start date: January 1, 2019 Course end date: June 1, 2019

NOTE!! I do not recommend using earlier edition/s of this text this semester.