Anne Dieu

Hello and Welcome

to the amazing world of Fashion. I have taught Fashion through the Los Rios Community College District since 2001 and am thrilled to be a part of both ARC and SCC Fashion Programs  teaching courses that inspire!

I believe learning is a life long process, and taking any of the Fashion courses opens opportunities to accumulate industry knowledge, not matter what skill level you have achieved.

I look forward to a journey together exploring the exciting world of Apparel and Textiles.

Contact Information

Office Hours for Fall 2015

  • ARC
    • Arts & Sci 105
    • Outside classroom
    • Tuesdays 4:00 to 4:30
  • SCC
    • RHS 262
    • Outside classroom
    • Mondays 3:00 to 3:30


Below is a list of the Fashion courses I have taught. Refer to the College Catalogs for course descriptions and the Class Schedules for current semester offerings. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the Fashion Program or its courses.

  • FASHN 150 Fundamentals of Sewing/Beginning Sewing
  • FASHN 310 Fashion Analysis/Clothing Selection
  • FASHN 320 Textiles
  • FASHN 350 Applied Apparel Studies/Premier Level Construction
  • FASHN 351 Applied Apparel Studies/Intermediate Principles of Construction
  • FASHN 352 Applied Apparel Studies/Advanced Couture Construction
  • FASHN 363 Fashion Embellishments
  • FASHN 370 Pattern Adjustment and Fit
  • FASHN 371 Draping Daywear
  • FASHN 372 Pattern Making and Design
  • FASHN 373 Pattern Drafting
  • FASHN 376 Advance Design Drafting, Advanced Flat Pattern Techniques
  • FASHN 394/398 Fashion Entrepreneur