Reasons Why Courses are Denied

Most Common Reasons

  1. Course outlines should be current (not more than five years old).
  2. Textbooks should not be more than seven years old, except in disciplines where text content currency is relevant such as computer science.
  3. Course content did not meet specific subject criteria.

CSU and/or UC Transferable Courses

The course, in general, did not meet the “Criteria for Baccalaureate Level Courses“.

CSU General Education-Breadth Requirements

The course did not meet the criteria for the specific area requested.  Click on “CSU Executive Order No. 1033” (dated June 18, 2008, this supersedes Exec. Order No. 595).

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

  1. Courses must be UC transferable.
  2. Courses must be appropriate for the general education area requested. Courses should not be narrow in scope or too personal, practical or applied. In particular, science courses were denied if they lacked hypothesis testing or scientific methodology.
  3. Courses must have sufficient and appropriate prerequisite requirements listed.
  4. For Area 1B (Critical Thinking, English Composition) courses outlines  often lacked information regarding instruction in writing such as drafts, peer review, pre-writes, instructor readings of student essays, etc. The review committee cannot assume a course with “composition” included that composition is being taught.
  5. For Area 1C (Oral Communication) courses must indicate oral presentations with appropriate instructor feedback.
  6. Skills based courses such as drawing, painting, or music fundamentals are not appropriate for IGETC.
  7. Courses must be a minimum of three units.