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Important Information Regarding Assessment

As one of the mandates of Assembly Bill (AB 705) passed in Fall of 2017, Sacramento City College is changing the way that students are placed in their English and Math classes! You will be automatically placed into English and math classes using the HS GPA you reported on your CCCApply application.

Effective February 1, 2019, standardized assessment tests will no longer be offered for placement into English and math classes. ESL will still be offered.

Assessment Center Office

Assessment Center Hours

Office Hours (different from testing hours)
Monday — Thursday: 8AM —  4:30PM
Friday: 8AM — 3PM

Spring Break April 15th – 19th
Monday — Thursday: 8AM —  4PM
Friday: Closed

Graduated in U.S. Within the past 10 Years

Students who graduated from a United States high school in the last 10 years will automatically place into English and Math classes using high school records instead of standardized assessment tests. To view your placements, log into your eServices account, select Student Center menu and click on “Steps to Success” tab.

Graduated 10 or More Years Ago or Did Not Complete High School in U.S.

Students who graduated high school more than 10 years ago, did not complete high school, or have foreign high school transcripts should use the guided self-placement process to figure out what English and math courses to take.


In order to access the Guided Self-Placement link, please contact us directly at

AB 705 - Changes to Placement

More than a year ago, California law (Assembly Bill 705) essentially eliminated the use of assessment tests for purposes of determining placement of students into transfer-level math and English courses in community colleges. Research shows that California students are far more prepared than assessment tests have acknowledged. A student’s high school performance is a much stronger predictor of success in transfer-level courses than standardized placement tests.  AB 705 requires colleges to take into account high school coursework, high school grades, and high school grade point average when determining math and English placement upon enrollment.

We need your help to get the word out to students about their rights under AB 705. Join us in promoting our latest YouTube video Know Your Rights: The AB 705 Initiative and What it Means for Students

Understanding Your Placements

Did you receive your placements and are still unsure as to what they mean?

Please visit our page Understanding Your Placements to receive more information on Math and English Placements