Ability to Benefit Test (ATB)

Federal regulations state that if a student does not have a high school diploma or equivalent and if he/she applies for federal financial aid, that student must demonstrate an ability to benefit from instruction.  This is done by getting a certain score on a test which has been approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Department of Education has indicated that students who were enrolled in a financial aid eligible program prior to July 1, 2012 will continue to be eligible to take the ATB test after July 1, 2012.

New students or students who were NOT enrolled in college courses prior to July 1, 2012 are NOT eligible to take ATB test.

Students who were enrolled in college courses prior to July 1, 2012 must contact the Financial Aid office at (916) 558-2501 or (916) 558-2546 or go the Financial Lab in Business Building Room 153 for more information about ATB eligibility.

  • Students have to complete the ATB Test Units Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office
  • Students have to be approved by the Financial Aid Office in order to take the ATB test
  • Once a student receives an e-mail from the Financial Aid Office confirming that they are eligible to take the ATB test, call the Assessment Office to confirm that you are placed on the approved ATB list

Accuplacer ATB test for English as a first language students

  • Consists of computerized Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, and Arithmetic sub-tests
  • ATB Results are available immediately upon completion
  • These tests may take approximately two hours, but there is not a time limit

 Retest Policy for ATB Test

Accuplacer ATB tests may only be repeated one time within a 3 month period with a counselor’s referral. There must be a minimum of 2 weeks between the initial test and the retest.