Chemistry Diagnostic Exam

Attention to students who are enrolling in Chemistry 400 at SCC!

Prerequisites for Chemistry 400

  • Completion of CHEM 300 with a grade of “C” or better completed within one year prior to enrollment in CHEM 400 or placement through the assessment process (the ACS California Chemistry Diagnostic Exam) completed within one year prior to enrollment in CHEM 400. Calculators may be used for the Chemistry Diagnostic Exam.AND
  • Completion of MATH 120 or MATH 124 with a grade of “C” or better or placement in a level of math higher than Math 120 through the assessment process.



Retest Policy for Chemistry and Math Placement Exams

  • The Chemistry Diagnostic Exam may be taken no more than once a semester and with a minimum 30 day waiting period between semesters.
  • Students may retest after a 30 calendar day waiting period.
  • Students with expired math test results may retest if they have not begun the course sequence.  If students have begun the math course sequence, they may utilize the course challenge process in the Math Department.

Chemistry Diagnostic Exam is offered at specified times and students may arrive 5 minutes early.

  • To see dates and times please go to the Testing Schedule Menu (above).
  • To see topics covered on the Chemistry test go to the Study Guide Menu (above).
  • See Chemistry website for more study guide information.