Children in the Testing Lab

Bringing children into the testing lab is not recommended or advisable.

Under very limited circumstances, including space availability in the lab at the time of the request, children can be allowed to wait in the lab while a parent is testing. Children must be able to remain quiet and sit still in a chair or stroller in order to remain in the lab while a parent tests. Placement testing takes a minimum of 1.5 to 3 hours, but is not timed and could take longer. If a child begins to make noise or move around in a way that is judged by the testing center staff as distracting, the parent and child will be asked to leave. The parent can return within 10 business days to complete the test, unless they are taking the Ability to Benefit Test (ATB) as discussed below.

Taking a break while testing is allowed as long as the student is not taking the ATB test. Federal Regulations require the ATB test be taken all in one sitting. Students may not leave to tend to their children’s needs while taking an ATB test. Therefore it is strongly advised that students not bring children with them if they are taking an ATB test.

Please let Assessment Center Staff know if you have any questions.