Reading Placement

Reading Placement test vs.  Reading Competency for Graduation

Students taking their first course placement test district-wide may pass their Reading Competency if a high enough reading score is achieved. Students who do not pass competency on the first placement test will have 2 more opportunities to pass using a different test.


Students can be placed into one of the following levels of  English Reading courses at SCC:

Level 1 – EngRd 10 –  Basic Reading Skill Development  (3 units)

Level 2 – EngRd 11 –  Reading Skill Development (3 units)

Level 3 – EngRd 110 – Comprehension Strategy and Vocabulary Development for College (3 units)

Level 4 – EngRd 310 – Critical Reading as Critical Thinking (3 units)


Reading Assessment test:

  • Consists of a computerized Reading Comprehension tests (20 questions)
  • Results of a computerized portion of the test is available immediately upon completion
  • This test may take approximately 30 minutes, but there is not time limit

Retest Policy for Reading placement Test

Students may repeat an assessment test for an English, reading or math test once without a referral from a counselor.  After the second test, students may retest with a counselor referral after a minimum waiting period of 4 months. No retest may occur until the results of the English Essay have been posted, if applicable.