Out of State Testing Request

To take the English/math ACCUPLACER tests in your local community, you need to do following:

  1. You must be an active SCC student with a Los Rios student ID number to test! You will find the application online at www.scc.losrios.edu. After you complete the application, wait about 30 minutes and look up your ID number. Any results not accompanied by a valid Los Rios ID number will be denied.
  2. When you have your Los Rios student ID number, contact a local college or university testing center. Ask if they will proctor your Accuplacer assessment test(s). The testing center will need to have internet access. Be sure the proctor is willing to stay for the duration of the test(s). Average time is about one and one-half hours.
  3. Once you have located a proctor, complete the following form and we will contact the proctor with the information needed to administer your assessment test(s).