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Four women, dressed in edgy, formfitting streetwear style clothing, pose on the metal work of the Tower Bridge in Sacramento

Sacramento City College graduate Quynhnhu Nguyen’s collection, “Entropy,” recently won first place at the college Fashion Department’s annual fashion show. She also won in the Most Marketable category at American River College’s fashion show in 2017 with her collection called “Controlled Chaos.” As suggested by the dark, moody, urban style of both collections, Nguyen is intrigued by fluctuations of emotions and how slivers of optimism and hope can be found in the darkest of places. We asked her a few questions about herself and what inspires her.

Please tell us about your experience at SCC. When did you start and why?

My experience at SCC started in 1998. My firstborn was three years old and I just received my GED. I didn’t want to be a waitress all of my life so I decided to go to college and do something better with my life. My mom also drilled it into my brain that I had to go to college and I was floating in the sea of academia for a good while before I found out what I truly enjoyed doing.

How did you become interested in Fashion? Did you have any fashion or design experience prior to SCC?

I wasn’t interested in fashion until I took my first sewing class with Prof. Giovannetti back in 2013. I was a Biology major and focusing on taking courses to get into the Nursing program. I couldn’t get into one of my science classes so I decided to take a sewing class. My mother has an AA in Fashion Design from West Valley College and she would make me fix my own clothes and help her sew basic shirts and pants when I was a child but I wanted to learn from the beginning. The course was fun for me, we started out with basic sewing stitches and learned to make potholders, a drawstring bag and an apron or bag. I ended up making two aprons, one was simple and the other one was a reversible one.

How would you describe your general aesthetic?

My general aesthetic is applying the skills I have learned and allowing myself to be creative with my designs from concept idea to the final product. I love to challenge myself with new ideas and playing around with techniques that I have not worked with before. I like classic designs with a play on my own interpretation of current styles.

What is the concept behind your designs that ended up winning the grand prize at the fashion show? Is there a story to the designs? Where did you draw inspiration? Did you have a goal in mind when conceptualizing these designs?

I express visual story with my collection. I had just won the Most Marketable category with my Controlled Chaos collection from ARC in 2017 and I wanted to showcase the Entropy collection at SCC the following year. Both collections were about an array of emotions that I was experiencing during my journey. The idea was to tell a story of how emotions always fluctuate and that one moment you are feeling all of these negative emotions and the next you are calm and rational. I worked with real leather, lace and textured fabrics. Four pieces were mainly black with hints of white which was my color story of how dark my emotions were with hints of white which represents serenity and hope. The middle garment was a simple A-line dress which was color block with diagonal seams and a square neckline. The bodice was made out of corded lace and the skirt was a black and white woven wool textile. The white was more pronounced and evoked innocence. The Entropy collection focuses on the strong sensual female. My goal is to have my client feel empowered and beautiful when they wear my designs.

Do you remember the first thing you designed?

The first thing I designed was a tote bag. I created a basic pattern by analyzing the paper bags at the grocery store and drafted a paper pattern to use as my template. I’ve come a long way from that project.

You graduated in the spring. How did that feel? What did it mean for you?

It felt awesome. It took me over twenty years off and on being in college. I was thrilled to be sitting with the graduating class of 2019 along with my peers. It was a difficult journey struggling to finish college with the demands of life. I say, “Better later than never.” Graduating from the Los Rios Community College District meant that I had the power to showcase my skills and creativity because I was tenacious with my studies and I discovered that I also loved to teach other students who wanted to experience what the Fashion Programs had to offer.

When you think of your future, what do you see yourself doing next year? Five years from now? 10 years from now?

I plan to teach in the future. I have been a teacher’s assistant for three years and I plan on applying for an Instructional Assistant job and gain more experience. After that, I would love to get accepted into the Faculty Diversity Internship Program and become an adjunct professor at LRCCD. I have met so many wonderful people along my journey and I plan on networking and reaching out to explore the fashion industry, the art industry and our community. I’ve been working on a community project with the fashion club called Hopefull Totefull where we would make tote bags for first time chemotherapy patients from Sutter Memorial Hospital. We have donated over one hundred totes so far so I would love to have a chance to expand on that project.

Photo of two hands assembling wood-cut "gears" on a table that appears to be artfully covered with black and white magazine pages

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab have announced a new partnership that will grow workforce skills and entrepreneurship by providing SCC students enrolled in MAKR classes with full Hacker Lab access.

“This is a big deal. Community colleges are more accessible than ever. Thanks to this partnership, we are glad to be part of that expansion. We hope to inspire learning and maker education in hands-on ways that are the future of education, with shorter classes open to the community,” said Eric Ullrich, Hacker Lab COO.

Students will be able to expand on the critical skills they are learning both in MAKR classes and in the Sacramento City College Makerspace by engaging in events, classes and networking at the Hacker Lab. This partnership will open new doors and opportunities that students can use to achieve their dreams, build on their passion and explore a new future.

“We need to help people get better paying jobs and have better livelihoods, with more students working independent and in self-employed jobs,” said SCC Makerspace Project Director Tom Cappelletti.

MAKR classes at Sacramento City College are geared toward providing students with highly desirable skills. Fall classes include MAKR 140: Introduction to Making, MAKR 151: Makerspace Lab I and MAKR 201: App Development with Swift. MAKR 140 and 201 are both late start and currently enrolling students for September 7 and October 17 start dates, respectively.

An African American man wearing dark framed glasses, white short sleeved t-shirt, with curly natural hair, short beard and a big smile is handing a head of lettuce to someone out of the frame whose hands only are visible in frame

Anthony Hopkins was six years out of high school and sporting several failed attempts at college. Even dead-end jobs were elusive. He was 24 when he returned once again to Sacramento City College, this time placed on academic probation due to his poor GPA. He knew he needed a confidence boost in his ability to learn.

So, Anthony changed the equation. This time he found “family” support at RISE. RISE (Respect, Integrity, Self-Determination & Education) is an SCC campus organization that welcomes students with a holistic set of support services. The staff and classmates were there for Anthony socially and emotionally, along with study techniques and tactics to adjust his mindset toward academics.

Anthony was and continues to be motivated to solve racial disparities in society. He reengaged with college at SCC because he says he had professors who he felt represented him and truly cared about his success as a man of color. He knew he wanted to study social systems to ponder why Black and Brown people weren’t succeeding at the same rate. Anthony chose the field of education where he could make the most impact.

Anthony received his AA in sociology from SCC, a BA in American studies/education at UC Berkeley, and an MA in social studies teaching and curriculum at New York University. And he studied photography along the way too.

After a decade of schooling and working in New York, Anthony has come full circle and returned to RISE, this time as a professional in a paid position.  He is grateful to the organization that gave him his start and savors the opportunity to pay it forward by helping students — who he understands to be walking a similar path.

Photo of Coach Gales standing and talking in center of loose huddle of young wrestling athletes
Marques Gales will be coming to Sacramento City College from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, where he has been the Head Wrestling Coach since 2013. He also taught Fitness courses at Trinity and was the Executive Director of the Connecticut Chapter of Beat The Streets Wrestling – a non-profit organization centered on youth wrestling, physical activity, community service and community collaboration. Marques was named as the 2014 NCAA Division III Rookie Head Coach of the Year while at Trinity, coached 3 National Qualifiers, and 6 Scholar All-Americans.
Prior to Trinity, He was an Assistant Coach at Springfield College in Massachusetts, where he coached 6 All-Americans, including a Division III National Champion and received his M.S. in Sport and Exercise Psychology. He received his B.S. in Kinesiology, Physical Education from San Francisco State University, where he was a 2-time Regional Place-winner, Division II National Qualifier, and Scholar All-American. In addition, he received an A.S. from Santa Rosa Junior College, where he was also a 2-time Junior College State Place-winner, Scholar All-American, and Team Captain.  He is a native of Fairfield and attended Armijo HS.
When asked how he felt about being the next Wrestling Coach at Sac City, Marques responded, “I am extremely grateful and excited for the opportunity to become the next Head Wrestling Coach at Sac City. I’d like to thank President Michael Guttierez, Athletic Director Mitch Campbell, Former Head Coach Dave Pacheco, and the rest of the Hiring Committee for believing in my vision for the future of the wrestling program and KHA department. It is an honor to be at the helm of a program with such a storied history and I am looking forward to continually build on the successful foundation set by Coach Pacheco.”
Local high school students pose with RISE banners outside on a nice sunny day

On May 1 and May 2, the Jr. RISE program held their first annual “Signing Day” for more than 200 Luther Burbank and Hiram Johnson High School students entering California Community Colleges. Students were full of joy and appreciation as they celebrated a victory they may not have envisioned as an 11th grader. Parents and teachers came out to celebrate and pat each other on the back for a job well done. Administrators also came out to celebrate and give words of wisdom and encouragement.

Jr. RISE, the high school branch of RISE, supports at-risk students to graduate from high school and successfully transition into community college. Jr. RISE outreach staff and adjunct counselors assist students daily with tutoring, academic counseling, after-school college prep classes, and college applications.

On campus at Sac City, RISE continues the support by welcoming students into an academic family environment that connects them to various academic support services including EOPS, Puente, UMOJA, SAGE, Transfer Center, Career Center, MESA, SESI, and DSPS. RISE strives to expose students to transfer opportunities and employment opportunities while they work towards their academic and career goals.

Panther Softball player mid throw

Panther Baseball advances to the Final Four with a third-game win over Ohlone.

Panther Softball falls to San Joaquin and places 5th in the state overall.

Panther Baseball continues to battle for a trip to the Championship with their third game against Ohlone 11:30 AM on Monday, May 20 at Sac City.

Sac City Softball took a win over Sierra last weekend to advance and will open up against the top team in the South (Mt. San Antonio) when the State Championships begin on Thursday in Bakersfield!

Panther Baseball will also advance after winning against San Mateo 8-6. We will host Ohlone next weekend in the NorCal Finals at the U! Come out and cheer on your team for their home game!!

Last weekend, in the first round of the CCCAA playoffs Panther Softball swept Shasta 2-0 to advance and Panther Baseball swept Taft 2-0 to advance. GO PANTHERS!

SCC will once again be hosting playoff series so don’t miss the chance to cheer on your Panthers this week:

Softball: SCC (#4 seed) vs Sierra (#5 seed)

  • Fri, 5/10, at SCC: 2 pm start
  • Sat, 5/11, at SCC: 12 Noon start; Game 3 (if needed) to follow 30 minutes after completion of prior game

Winner advances to CCCAA State Championship the following weekend

Baseball: SCC (#4 seed) vs College of San Mateo (#7 seed)

  • Thur, 5/9, at SCC: 3 pm start
  • Fri, 5/10, at SCC: 3 pm start
  • Sat, 5/11 (if needed), at SCC: 1 pm start

Winner advances to CCCAA Nor Cal finals the following weekend

Both our Baseball and Softball teams have qualified for CCCAA postseason and have been ranked high enough in Northern California to host the first round of playoffs, as follows:

Softball (finished as co-champion of the Big 8 and seeded #4 in Northern California):

  • Shasta at SCC (SCC Softball Stadium)
  • Game 1: Fri, 5/3/19, 2 pm
  • Game 2: Sat, 5/4/19, 12 pm
  • Game 3 (if needed): Sat, 5/4/19, 30 minutes after completion of Game 2
  • We will need to win two rounds of playoffs in order to advance to the Softball State Championship 5/16-5/19/19. If SCC wins the series vs Shasta, we would host another series the following weekend.

Baseball (#4 seed in Northern California):

  • Taft at SCC (Union Stadium)
  • Game 1: Fri, 5/3/19, 4 pm
  • Game 2: Sat, 5/4/19, 1 pm
  • Game 3 (if needed): Sat, 5/4/19, 45 minutes after completion of Game 2
  • We will need to win three rounds of playoffs in order to advance to the Baseball State Championship 5/25-5/27/19. If SCC wins the series vs Taft, we would host another series the following weekend.

Congratulations to coach Sullivan and the baseball student-athletes, along with coach Kiernan and the Softball student-athletes for making the playoffs and for their high seeds (18 teams from the North make the Baseball and SB playoffs)!

Additional information and results will be available on the Athletics website.

Panther mascot standing on large planter in the quad, with arms outstretched, looking jubilant

Facilities planning is a critical piece of the Sacramento City College and Los Rios Community College District’s overall educational planning process that allows the us to periodically evaluate conditions, identify needs and adjust accordingly to promote continued success.

The college and District are currently in the process of updating our 2010 Facilities Master Plan, with a final product anticipated this summer. The Plan will address new construction and the modernization of existing space for continued or new purposes. Facilities planning throughout the District is a continuous, carefully executed operation that takes into account several factors including current and anticipated student populations, and facility functions and capacities.

Working collaboratively with leadership, academic department heads and faculty members from SCC and Districtwide, architects and staff have gathered input regarding facilities needs and improvements to help create a plan that will ultimately be presented to the District for consideration. By engaging a diverse group of campus representatives with on-the-ground experience, the updated Plan will reflect current priorities, align with student needs and better respond to a dynamic learning environment.

For additional information on the facilities master planning process, please contact the SCC facilities office.